And so begins chapter 26

I celebrated my 26th birthday on Valentines Day this past month and although I don’t feel older, I also don’t feel younger. I definitely can admit that 25 was an amazing year for me with new work adventures, lots of traveling and exploring, and many new memories with family and friends. I’m so excited to see what chapter 26 has in store for me!

As I continue to inch closer to the big 3-0, I find that I continue to focus on my health and wellness. One habit I have started focusing on more is my skincare. One habit I have stopped focusing on is the scale. In honor of turning 26 this past month, I decided I would share what I’m ditching this year and what I’m continuing or starting to explore as I navigate my 26th year around the sun!

Let’s talk skincare. I joked with my husband the other night that I must be getting old because I have a set skincare routine now. Growing up I was never taught the importance of skincare, how to properly clean my face after makeup, or even why I should be wearing daily sunscreen. About 6 months ago, I began seeing an aesthetician to work on my overall skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne. I have learned so much! I learned that botox has more benefits than just reducing and preventing wrinkles. I also learned the importance of wearing daily sunscreen and cleansing properly. I have began a 5 step skincare routine with some other products like retinol, vitamin c, and glow serum. I have seen an enormous change in my skin and I am so excited to continue to learn this new passion of mine! I have struggled with severe acne off and on for years so finally figuring out a good system that doesn’t require hormonal birth control has been such a boost to my overall confidence.

I ditched the scale. You may be wondering why this is important, but it is! During my weight loss journey, which I began in January 2018, I used the weight scale as a tool. Now that I’ve been in maintenance for awhile, I learned that the scale was becoming far too important. Instead, I’ve decided that for the next year I’m going to ditch the scale and trust my body. My weight fluctuates between a couple pounds, but stays in the same range and this is completely normal based on water weight, certain foods, and even what I’m working on at the gym. This year I’m going to focus more on how my body feels, the nutrients I’m feeding my body, and continuing to be active and keeping myself in good shape.

I’m starting to journal again. I haven’t written in a journal in many years, but recently I decided to start writing short entries each day. It’s now turned into a huge stress relief and passion of mine. No matter if I just write what I did that day or how I’m feeling, it is nice to be able to write what I’m thinking.

I’m slowing down more to enjoy the smaller moments. We have a busy life and often our weeks are filled with back to back days that are busy. I am learning that it’s okay to enjoy a bit of down time. Our family has begun setting aside one day a week that we have no plans so we can spend it uninterrupted together. I also have begun setting time aside for myself each morning after I drop the kids off at school. I set my phone and work aside to read a chapter and enjoy the sunshine or some quiet for a bit before starting work for the day. It’s been a huge mood booster and I find that I’m more focused when I am finished.

I am forcing myself out of comfort zones more. Sometimes we get too comfortable. Many of life’s biggest opportunities come when we are out of our comfort zone. This year I am seizing new opportunities even if it may be out of my comfort zone. I am excited to see where it leads me and what new doors may open up.

I am determined to start a new hobby. This year around the sun I have decided I want to start a new hobby. Maybe I will start with plants, diy’s or even sewing? Who knows! I am excited to try new things and find a new hobby.

Self-care isn’t selfish. The last year was such a busy year. At times, I definitely felt that I didn’t have time for my usual self-care or shouldn’t with how much was happening during 2022. This year I am going to make it a priority to get back to my usual self-care’s because self-care is not selfish.

I am excited for this year ahead and can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.



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