Melon’s House Party

This blog is sponsored by Melon’s House Party by Wondery Kids, but all opinions are my own.

Ever wonder if there is a fun podcast that is family-friendly, full of music, and adventures? Introducing our favorite podcast… Melon’s House Party by Wondery!

Both of our kids absolutely love Melon’s House Party from Wondery Kids. It’s a fun, family-friendly podcast that will surely keep the entire family entertained with lots of original music and adventures. Melon’s House Party is perfect for children ages 5-12 and even adults! There are so many great music elements that our family loves to sing and dance along to. We are so excited that season 2 is here and know you will be too!

Melon’s House Party is about a sweet eight pound pup that has a huge heart and wonderful friends! Our kids love that Melon’s House Party brings the objects in our house to life. Singing and playing, Melon and her friends an always singing record player, a soulless computer, her bookshelf therapist, and her best friend in the whole world Couch! With great teamwork, Melon and Couch can always figure out a way to do tackle any music adventure together. It is such a fun journey to tag along as Melon learns about herself and the world around her.

Melon shows us how to appreciate the little things in life and the importance of friendship and family. Melon’s House Party is filled with lots of fun music and lessons along the way. As a busy family, we love tuning in to Melon’s House Party at home or in the car for a great screen time alternative. There are new episodes every Wednesday. With each 30 minute episode, it is the perfect way to keep kids entertained around the house or on the road.

Listen to season 2 of Melon’s House Party by Wondery Kids here or search wherever you stream podcasts today.

McKynleigh loves Melon’s House Party!



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