DIY Pirate Costume

Halloween is just a couple days away. If you are unsure what do dress up as or don’t know what to dress your kids up as, look no further! McKynleigh had pirate day at school yesterday so I created a fun pirate costume for under $10. I have never created a costume myself because honestly, I’m not super creative. But this costume is equally easy and inexpensive. I got all of the supplies from around my house and Walmart making the grand total just $9.

Pirate McKynleigh

Supplies you will need:

•white tee (size up because you are going to cut it)

•red ribbon

•pirate hat (I found one at Walmart for $3)

•black or black and white striped pants


1. Start by cutting the bottom of the white tee in triangles and slants to make it look worn. Do the same for the sleeves.

2. Pair tee with pants and cut out red ribbon to go around waist. Add the pirate hat and you are set!

This took me less than 10 minutes and my daughter loved it. Pirate on!

Watch video here.



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