My favorite fashion trends currently

This winter season has brought tons of new and old fashion trends. I am loving the shackets, turtlenecks, sheer sleeves, and bright fun colors. I mean what is better than a shacket being trendy? My high school self would have been sporting a new shacket each day of the week.

February is upon us already and we’re somewhere in between winter and spring. That uncertain limbo of if it’s going to be a decent sunny day or a more cold, frigid day. What’s great is many of theses new styles can be worn anytime!

Turtleneck sweater dresses made a come back and I am so here for it!

I was never a turtleneck gal personally until I started to see the trend late last summer. They are classy, fun, and easy to dress up or down depending on the style. When styling a turtleneck, I recommend wearing your hair in a low bun or high ponytail to help flatter your face. Add a necklace to finish off the outfit!

Thankful I live in a world of shackets!

Shackets- a shirt/jacket combination for those that don’t know. They are not only cute and comfy, but fun to change up patterns and can be dressed casually or dressed sexy! Yes, I said sexy. Perfect for adding with a pair of cute jeans and a tank top. Also totally perfect for adding with a sexy dress and boots for a fun date night look!

This was a date night look I wore back in December. It was cute and comfy for dinner and some exploring around town.

One of my favorite new vibes is combat boots! They are fun to dress up with jeans or with a midi dress. I got mine from SHEIN and even wore them all day around San Francisco without my feet ever hurting. Cute, and comfy shoes? That’s what I call a win!

Yes, moms can rock the combat boots!

Sheer sleeves have gone in and out of style multiple times over the years. When I started to see them more frequently, I knew it was a trend I wanted to join in on! Sheer sleeves are elegantly beautiful. The details add so much to your outfit. I love that sheer sleeves are perfect for this time of year. If you are cold, add a sweater or blazer. Want to enjoy the perfect winterish spring day? Yes, we are calling it that! Let your sheer sleeves make a statement. Pair with a floral skirt or have fun and pair with some jeans and calf boots. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to styling sheer sleeves.

This blue beauty was only $8 at Ross!
Skirt is from SHEIN for a grand total of $30 for a cute winter/spring outfit.

For many years I wore mostly neutral colors. I preferred blacks, grays, and sometimes white. Last year I made myself promise to branch out and try new colors and patterns. I am so happy I forced myself to break away from my neutral habit. It opened so many new doors for styling cute outfits.

This fun outfit is from SHEIN’s spring collection. It’s bright and vibrant.

Fashion trends are always changing. I may not be a fashionista or anything, but your girl loves to get all dolled up in a cute outfit. Never forget that no matter your body type, you can rock anything you want! Expressing through fashion is fun and empowers us!



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