Happy Birthday Macyn!

I still remember the day I was laying in the radiology office getting a regular old ultrasound done for my PCOS when the ultrasound tech turned to me and said that I was a couple days shy of 7 weeks pregnant. I was only 18 and scared beyond belief. That day my life changed forever. It ended my life before you and began my new life. It opened up so many more hopes and dreams I never thought were possible. So many others said negative things and doubted me. I knew you were my destiny though.

Yesterday you turned 6 years old. I may have shed a tear or two, but it’s only because it’s so bittersweet watching you grow up so fast. Sweet boy of mine, I will forever be grateful that I was chosen to be your mother. You make me so incredibly proud.

You love fiercely. You’re always ready for an adventure and love the outdoors just as much as your PawPaw and me. You never miss an opportunity to make a friend and you’re always quick to help others. You’re a daddy’s boy at heart, but also a mommy’s boy and I treasure everyday with you.

You have grown up so fast. This year I truly began to see that you were no longer my little baby, but had grown into the sweetest little boy. I love watching you excel in school and I love watching your passion for every sport you play. You are a go getter and that I know will serve you well in the future.

Here’s to year 6 bub. I can’t wait to see where and what it brings for you Macyn.




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