5 reasons to shop local this holiday season

I LOVE the holidays. I mean, almost every year I have at least one of our Christmas trees up November 1st. What can I say, I love Christmas! There is so much magic this time of year. The holiday spirit is everywhere and I am soaking it alllll in! The last couple of years we have made an effort to shop small and shop local. No matter if it is by buying gifts for family and friends from local small businesses or even skipping the big box store baked goods and shopping from a local baker, it is easy to support small businesses in your community.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become such a huge event, now more than ever. Most people do the majority of their holiday shopping during this upcoming weekend. I am challenging you to make an effort to shop small and local this holiday season. Here are 5 reasons why you should!

1. Local business owners invest in the community.

Local business owners, that live in the community, are more likely to to be invested in the community and its future. They often give back and invest into local organizations and other businesses.

2. Every time you shop local, you stimulate the local economy.

When you purchase from locally owned businesses instead of nationally owned, more money is kept in the community. This helps grow other businesses. Plus, it also helps the local tax base!

3. Customer service is better.

Local businesses hire local people that you are more likely to know or see around your community. They are often more eager and less likely to blow you off compared to nationally owned stores.

4. You are helping support someone’s dream.

When you shop local, you are helping support someone’s dream. Many local business owners are families, multigenerational folks, and day to day people. When you help support their business, you help put food on their table, help pay for more jobs for local people, and help dreams become a reality.

5. Most jobs are provided by local businesses.

Local and small businesses make up the majority of the nations employers. The more jobs in the area, the better it is for the community!

Not to mention when you shop from local businesses, you help reduce pollution, traffic, and sprawl! The older I get, the less I want to drive out of town to shop. Sure, I can order online which is fine. But I also try my hardest to shop local if I can.

Ways to shop local this holiday season:

•Purchase from a local baker instead of shopping at your local chain grocery store.

•Buy gift cards for family and friends from local businesses

•Order supplies/food for your holiday celebrations from a locally owned store

•Visit a local Christmas market

•Hire a local photographer for holiday photos

•Order take out from a locally owned restaurant

•Visit locally owned attractions such as the ice rink when family is in town

No matter how you choose to help support local businesses, little or big, it is much appreciated!

Happy Holidays!



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