1 month post Abdominoplasty surgery

I am 5 weeks post op from my Adbominoplasty surgery and I am feeling great! Many have asked for an update so I thought I would share some of the details of the process, surgery day, and post op. Just in the last two week my body has healed a great amount and I am able to move better and better each day. I also have been visiting my massage therapist weekly for lymphatic massages that have also helped reduce the swelling and helped my mobility enormously.

Trying on pants for the first time post surgery.
I cried happy tears!

Overall, my entire surgery has been life changing! I am so happy I decided to go through with it. My surgeon fixed my separated muscles and removed pounds(yes, plural!) of my extra skin. It is such a freeing feeling to be able to wake up and not have to cringe every time I look in the mirror. I have not been able to get to the store to try on clothes but I already know I am down several sizes in pants and a couple in shirts.

Two of the most common questions I have been asked is how I found my surgeon and why I decided to go through with them for my Abdominoplasty surgery. Ironically, I found them through social media! I know multiple content creators and bloggers, including a close friend, who dealt with similar situations as myself who chose to go to Athenix. After a lot of research, I decided to book a free consultation with them at their Fresno location. I was shocked by how kind and understanding the entire staff was. I went home, researched my doctor, and knew it was where I was meant to go. I booked the surgery that evening!

The process beforehand was pretty simple. At my pre op appointment I met my amazing doctor, Dr. Lisa Hwang, and was so pleased with how thorough she was. She listened to my concerns and gave me a run down on how the surgery and post op journey would most likely be. Then two weeks later I arrived for my surgery!

My surgery did end up being nearly 9 hours long. I was released that night and we decided to drive the 2 1/2 hours home. Thankfully my husband was heaven sent and had prepared the car with pillows, a blanket, and electrolytes. The first 5 days were the hardest and most painful, but it has been only up from there. I made sure to eat high protein the first few weeks and drank plenty of fluids. I did have 2 drains in for the first 10 days which weren’t great, but were manageable. The swelling is slowly going down more and more as well.

I had an extended Abdominoplasty so my incision is just a couple inches shy of a 360 from my front to my back right above my bottom. I am still wearing my garment with pads to help myself with swelling and to be able to train my abdomen to stand up straighter. My last few scabs finally healed so I ordered scar tape which I will begin using to help the scar fade. I have began walking and doing light cardio, but I plan to return to the gym for my normal workouts next week. I can not wait!

Some people have asked if it was covered under insurance. The answer is no. It is rare that an insurance covers Abdominoplasty surgery. We chose to use our savings a little bit, but many surgeons also offer a payment plan including Athenix. Another question I have received a lot is if it was more painful than my c-sections. Overall, I would say yes! It was a bit more painful than my c-sections. Recovery is definitely longer and overall it is more painful especially with muscle repair and the shock to your body. They did remove my c-section scar so I now just have one from my surgery . I took organic Arnica which helped tremendously with my pain, healing, and swelling!

Since having the surgery, my mental health has been so great! I feel so free after being weighted down for years. I am so excited to get back in the gym and be more active to see just how much it has helped my body physically. I have no regrets though! I am so happy I decided to get an Abdominoplasty. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter has in store for me!

If you are preparing for an Abdominoplasty, check out my preparing for surgery here.

If you are interested in learning more about Athenix Body Sculpting, check them out here.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Lisa Hwang, check her website out here.


Christian Mulkey

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