Preparing for Abdominoplasty surgery

I have been contemplating for over a year now if I should or shouldn’t get surgery to repair my stomach muscles and remove the excess skin from weight loss. After having my second and last child, I was diagnosed with Diastasis recti which is the separation of muscle in your abdomen region. It is very common in women who have been pregnant and although it sometimes corrects itself, mine did not. I have been on my health and fitness journey for over 3 years now. My stomach muscles have definitely caused me plenty of troubles and then add in excess skin from weight loss, I knew it was time to close this chapter.

Like anyone, I have been very hesitant to take this next step. Surgery is a big deal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. But over the last couple of years I have felt like a prisoner to my Diastasis recti and excess skin. Last summer I got rashes constantly, had pain when working out, and countless times I had to tuck my skin away which is very uncomfortable. I have maintained my weight loss now for 2 and a half years which is most surgeons first question. Maintaining and finding balance is so important before taking this next step.

When I brought it up to my husband, he was supportive as he always is thankfully. I spent over a month researching surgeons and decided to book my consultation in July with Athenix Body Sculpting Institute. With their leading plastic and cosmetic surgeons, I knew I would be in good hands. I walked in ready to get the ball rolling while also being so nervous! The Athenix team made me feel at home, answered all my questions, and by that evening, I decided to book my surgery.

Now here we are! My surgery is this week and I am so ready to close this chapter. I have done so much research and thankfully my surgeon and her team helped guide me to what I should get in order for recovery.

Preparing for my Abdominoplasty surgery:


•Zip up night gowns and button up pajamas.

•Arnica for swelling, bruising, and pain

•Drain tube holder

•Electrolyte drinks

•Protein shakes and nutritious, high protein foods for post op

•Slip on comfy shoes

•Blankets that you won’t mind getting stained

Optional: Walker to aid in walking the first few days after surgery.

More post op preparations:

•Movie/show watchlist

•Ebooks downloaded on Kindle app

•A caregiver for at least the first 24 hours

•A comfy spot to elevate feet and legs

I will be sharing more of my journey on my Instagram here if you want to follow along. I will also be sharing more on my post op journey here so stay tuned!



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  1. Christian, take care, let me know if you need anything … Diana

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