Our deck remodel

The deck is one of the very reasons I fell in love with our house from the moment I saw it on Zillow. It wraps around the house and has some of the most beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It definitely needed some love and attention though! We recently gave it a facelift. It has become our outdoor oasis!

Last month we had the deck worked on and painted. Some boards had to be replaced but over all the structure of it was still in great shape. We decided to go with white, grey, and acorn colors instead of the previous red to help flow with the exterior of our house. I must say, I love the colors much more than the old red it once had.

After the work was completed, we began shopping around for the furniture we wanted. After weeks of going back and forth, we set our eyes on a brown rattan sectional, a patio table and chairs set, and a new bbq. We also added two outdoor rugs. Our deck gets direct sunlight half of the day so having rugs to walk on during the warmer parts of the day were important. We will definitely be adding more items as time goes on, but I am happy with how far the deck has come!




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  1. Beautiful!

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