5 tips when road tripping with kids

Road trips can be a blast. Music blasting with the windows down, open roads, beautiful scenery, and endless new adventures.

They also can be a nightmare when you are traveling with children. Yes, we all know it’s true!

Road trips can often cost less than flying on a plane especially when you have a family. It is also convenient to have a vehicle when necessary on travel. We have done a several road trips, both day and night, with our kids. While some have ended up more smooth than others, each trip always end with countless memories. Road trips are a great way to bond and spend time together while traveling. We love being able to give our children experiences that will last them a lifetime. As we prepare for our next road trip this weekend, I thought what better time then now to share my favorite mom road trip hacks with you all!

1. Individual Snack Baskets

I always bring snacks when traveling no matter if it is by plane or car. My favorite road trip hack though is our snack baskets! I get baskets from the dollar tree and create a fun snack and drink basket for each of the kids for the day on the road. I fill it up with just enough so they know not to go crazy, but they also have a treat or two. I love to theme it around the type of trip we are taking. For example, for a beach trip I got a beach ball themed cup. I keep extra snacks in the trunk so each day I can change it up and refill the baskets.

2. Portable Potty

When our kids were freshly potty trained, we carried around a little kid portable potty. This made road trips so much easier with less worries for accidents to happen. Sometimes you can’t always find a bathroom or are stuck in traffic. We don’t need it anymore, but when our kids were younger this was a life saver!

3. Activity Tray

These can be found on Amazon and even Walmart.com! They make it easier for kids to do activities and eat while on the road. They help give a flat, stable surface.

4. Portable Car Trash Bags

I started using these after a friend showed me how easy it was. Although you can find some online, I often resort to just using old grocery bags inside the back pocket of the front seats. The kids know to put their trash there when they are done. This makes the car so much less messy as the trip goes on! Bring extra bags accordingly.

5. Road Trip Goody Bags

I have always loved creating fun goody bags for each occasion. Typically I will head to the dollar store a few days before. I get a few coloring books, washable markers, activity kids, a fun treat, and sometimes even a toy that they can play with in the car.

I loved road trips as a kid and although sometimes it may be a bit crazy, I love going on road trips with my kids. Road trips give freedom for new memories and life lessons.

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