Summer laundry done fast with Ensueño

This blog is sponsored by Ensueño® but all opinions are my own.

With warmer weather and more sunny days, summer plans are in full swing. Our family loves going hiking, spending our days at the beach, and we even love going camping from time to time. With that being said, I often find that our clothes get messy and dirty with lots of dirt, grime, food spills, sweat, grass, and more stains than I can count sometimes. Our children are three and five which means more often than not, their clothes come to the laundry room with stains I don’t even recognize. I used to worry, but now thanks to the new Ensueño Liquid Laundry Detergent and Ensueño Scent Booster Dyer Sheets along with the much-loved Ensueño Fabric Softener I know that our clothes will come out fresh, clean, and free of lingering stains from all of our summer activities.

As an adult, I find that completing all of the laundry helps me feel a sense of accomplishment. I can’t relax without the laundry being cleaned, folded, and put away. I love smelling the fresh scents- Spring Fresh and Violet Bouquet- while folding. Even better, the fresh aromas last days.

I typically do at least two loads of laundry a day, sometimes even more! With summer upon us, the clothes often come piling in. It used to be overwhelming, but now that I have found a good laundry routine with Ensueño products I don’t worry. First, I start out my laundry routine with Ensueño Liquid Laundry Detergent. Ensueño Liquid Laundry Detergent is a 3-in-1 biodegradable formula that deep cleans, fights tough stains, and protects clothes from fading. I do lots of laundry multiple times a week which means that keeping our clothes from fading is so important!

Next I add in my favorite, Ensueño Max Fabric Softener, which is a biodegradable formula with plant-based softening extracts. I love that it provides 35 days of long-lasting fragrance as well as color fading protection.

Lastly, once our clothes are ready to be switched to our dryer I add one of the Ensueño Scent Booster Dyer Sheets. These dyer sheets work wonderfully helping reduce wrinkles and static while also delivering long-lasting aromas before it is time to fold and put away our clothes. The kids love to help with folding and organizing thankfully.

Ensueño products work hand and hand to help fight tough stains left on our clothes, aid in keeping our clothes clean, and leave our clothes with long-lasting aromas. Ensueño takes our laundry to the next level each and every time!

Learn more about Ensueño products here.

Ensueño products can be found by using the store locater here.



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