Tips and tricks when flying with kids

Traveling with kids can be stressful. Then add in an airport and airplane during a pandemic. We have done a few trips in the past with our kids where we have decided to fly instead of drive. Our kids have always been great on the plane. When we decided to fly to visit family after not flying with our kids in almost two years, I knew it would be a bit different with the new protocols in place for the pandemic. The morning of our trip I began to get very nervous. I was unsure of how the kids would do with all the new safety measures. Thanks to a few tricks we have used in the past and a few new tips I will share with you all, it went smooth and our travels were a success.

5 Tips & Tricks When Traveling With Kids

1. Plan your trip according to your kids sleep schedule. We always make sure to plan our flight around a time our kids would normally be sleeping or be more tired. For example, early mornings, nap time, and late at night flights. More often than not, this helps our kids sleep through at least half of the flight.

2. Pack snacks and travel cups. Avoid buying food and drinks at the airport by packing premade meals and snacks. Most airports have free water refill stations so bring a thermos or sippy cup to fill up there. For those wondering, yes you can bring snacks through security! This also helps give kids a break from their mask for a minute or two.

3. Use your child’s car seat on the plane. This gives them a sense of security and familiarity as well as it is much safer during turbulence. When you use your child’s car seat on the plane, they are less likely to want to move around or get up during the flight. Reminder: Before your flight, ensure you have an FFA approved car seat.

4. Bring activities to do while on the plane. I normally pack each of my kids a new coloring book with crayons, a couple of downloaded movies, and child-safe headphones to keep them busy while on the plane.

5. Due to traveling during a pandemic, masks are required at all times besides when eating or drinking. Kids often get their masks dirty so I decided to bring one quart size bag with clean masks and one empty quart size bag for any dirty ones. You can also do this with hand sanitizer, change of clothes, etc.

Have you flown since the pandemic?

What are your favorite tips and tricks when flying?



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