Mombie (mom-bee) noun

Mombie (n)

A sleep deprived super mom who runs off of caffeine, leggings, sticky kisses, and messy smiles. Masters of multitasking and sucking it up with little to no sleep.

Any other mamas that can relate? I know I definitely am a mombie at times. There are days that I can honestly run on so little sleep that I wonder how.

Motherhood has many, many waves. There are good waves, hard waves, sad waves, and so many more waves. When I became a mother, no one ever explained how beautifully exhausting motherhood can be. No matter if I get a full 8 hours(which is rare) or if I am running off of 2 hours, somehow as a mother you can still function off of an unhealthy amount of caffeine.

Each stage of motherhood is just as exhausting, too. As newborns, it’s the true definition of sleep deprived for most. My son was the absolute worst sleeper until just about a year old where as my daughter was on her brothers sleep schedule by the time she was a week old and always slept through the night. Then you move into the toddler stages which I think personally, are some of the hardest. Ever get bosses around by a little mini you? Yep, that’s how it is for all you non-parents. It is next level exhausting. Then you move on and so fourth.

But even with all the exhausting days, we still wouldn’t change a single thing.

Even if we are complete and utter mombies, our children are our whole world and some. We would run ourself all the way down to ensure they have what they need and that is the beautiful part of motherhood.

Have you ever felt like a mombie?



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