How to achieve total self-love

Hey you! Yes you.. Did you know that you are special? There is no other person alike. You are beautifully unique. You deserved to be loved. Not just loved by those around you, but most importantly loved by the most important person- YOU!

I have struggled with self-love for years. It can be challenging at times, even more so during times we face serious challenges and changes in our life. Practicing self-love is so much more than just being self absorbed. It is about getting in touch with our well-being, our happiness, and our inner self.

Do you yourself a favor.. Take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and start practicing the following:

Start your morning with positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are a great way to positively start each day and remind yourself just how awesome you are!

Fill your body with healthy and nutritious foods and drinks. You are what you eat! Fill your body in the thoughts of thriving and flourishing.

End those toxic relationships. No matter if it is a romantic relationship, friends or family, if it is toxic, hit cancel! You will feel more free and truly begin to love yourself again.

Surround yourself with those who love and encourage you. Having a huge crowd isn’t always better. Keep your circle to only those who lift you up and remind you just how amazing you are.

Celebrate your wins, big and small. Be proud of your accomplishments. This can be as simple as taking a relaxing bubble bath or starting a new hobby you have been wanting to try.

Embrace and love the things that make you, YOU! Embracing what makes you so special is so important. Don’t forget that being different is beautiful.

Put yourself on a time out. Take time out of your day to calm your mind, body and soul. Breath in and out. Think of a happy place and just be.

Be mindful of what you think. Don’t forget to manifest. Live and think the way you truly want.

Learn to say no. Saying now does not make you mean or a bad person. In many cases, it makes you the smarter person.

Be patient with yourself. Self-love is a journey. Remember to be patient with yourself. Be kind and forgiving. Self-love doesn’t just happen over night.

Drive your passion. Whatever your passion may be, don’t hold out. Dedicate your time.

Find your happy place. Find a place where you are completely and utterly happy. What is one place you can feel completely happy? Relaxed? High on life? Go there.

No one is perfect, so stop comparing. The comparing game is evil. Don’t. Do. It. Ever. Again. Seriously though, social media, tv shows, magazines, etc are not real life. The only person you should compare to is yourself.

Write your thoughts. In your head and can’t get out? Write them down. Thinking of something happy? Write it down. Writing can be such a good way to let out bad and ill thoughts. It can also be a great reminder of our happy and encouraging thoughts!

Unplug. I know, unplugging can seem boring. But have you ever just put the phone down, made some coffee, sat outside, and read a book or painted? It is so good for the soul!

Do things that make you happy. Stop doing what makes others happy and do what makes you happy! Start a new career, go back to school, hit the gym, watch Netflix all day, or even just sit around and cook that recipe you saw awhile back.

Self-love does not happen in a day, a month, or even a year. It is a long, but worthy journey of learning to love yourself and your life. There are ups and downs. Just remember that you are special. You are worthy. You are beautifully YOU!



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  1. Yes to all of those tips❤️

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