1970 to Modern remodel with Sunjoy

I have been obsessed with Fixer Upper on HGTV for the longest time. I love seeing the before, in between, and of course, the final result of the remodels. It is truly amazing to watch a remodel and how much it can make a home come to life. I never imagined myself working on even a bathroom remodel but I did and wow it was fun! When we began working, we decided we wanted to remove the old vanity. After searching for some inspiration and deciding on the color scheme, we decided that Sunjoy had the perfect vanity to complete this bathroom remodel project! Lots of tears, sweat, and yes a little bit of scrapes, this bathroom truly came to life.



First, we had to remove the 70’s bathroom flooring, old vanity, and replace some pipes. Thankfully this beautiful vanity from Sunjoy shipped directly. It was hassle free to unbox. Besides attaching the top and flipping the hardware, it was already put together saving us lots of time. Upon removing it from the box, we instantly realized what great quality it was. The beautiful granite top was very heavy but still easy enough to get on top. The drawers open effortlessly. What truly sets this vanity apart is how ideal it is for small to medium sized bathrooms. It has spacious lower drawers on each side as well as drawers in the middle that conveniently had plenty of space for the previous piping to go behind. The sink is well made and had a wonderful deep circle which I love. I love that the gold knobs give an elegant modern feel while still being functional. I paired this beautiful vanity with a white mirror. And just like that, we went from 1970’s to modern!

This vanity was not only easy to install, but brought the entire bathroom remodel to life. It is the perfect fit and the grey blue water resistant finish looks beautiful. Watch the set up process here.

Sunjoy products have more than exceeded our expectations. Shop Sunjoy here.


Christian Mulkey

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