Spooktacular Ghost Craft

Welcome back to my Spootacular series where I am sharing fun Halloween treats, drinks, crafts, and ideas each Thursday till Halloween. If you missed last week, make sure to read part one here. This week we decided to get a little crafty!

Today I wanted to share one of our favorite Halloween crafts the kids and I have done, paper plate ghosts friends. This craft is perfect for all ages and budget friendly. I love that this can be done more simpler or you can add extra items like fun colored streamer or gems to add some character. The kids love hanging their ghosts around the house. Open the windows up and enjoy the fall air while the ghosts soar through the house with their streamer in the wind.Supplies needed:

•White paper plates

•Black and white construction paper

•White streamer

•Kid friendly scissors

•Glue sticks

•Red and black marker

•Pipe cleaners

You can also add fun colors instead of white streamer or fun colored pipe cleaners to hang.

Step one: Using the black construction paper and scissors, cut out the ghosts eyes and mouth. Cut the paper into fun shapes to make it look like the ghosts mouth is open saying “booooo”. Then use your white construction paper to cut two small white oval for the eyes and two arms. Grab your glue stick and glue them in place. Make sure to glue the white hands behind the plate while glueing the rest to the front.

Step two: Use the red marker to put a uneven patch on each cheek. After, grab the black marker to add two tiny dots to complete the eyes and add small eyebrows by doing an elevated line about each eye.

Step three: Cut medium lengths of the white streamer. You can add as many as you want but remember the more you add the heavier it will be when hanging so just take that into consideration. Turn the white plates around and glue the streamer pieces on the back. These give a fun floating look to your ghost friends.

Step four: Lastly, in order to be able to hang them you will need to glue a handle on the back with your pipe cleaner. Glue one end of the pipe cleaner, stick it up to where there is a big enough space to reach your hand to hold it, and glue the remaining end. You can also use tape to ensure it holds.

And there you have it, fun ghost friends that you can hang around the house or that the kids can play with. This is one of my kids favorite Halloween Craft. I also love that all of these supplies can be found at most dollar stores making it a great budget friendly craft. I hope you all enjoyed. Stayed tuned next Thursday for a fun spooky drink recipe!



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