Ice cream o’clock with Keto Pint

This blog is sponsored by Keto Pint but all opinions are my own.

It is always ice cream o’clock in our house! As a mother as well as someone who lives a keto lifestyle, I am always looking for better for you options for my family. That is why when I discovered Keto Pint, I knew our family had to make the switch! Switching out our sugar filled ice cream for Keto Pint’s delicious better for you ice cream was a no brainer. Keto Pint is a 100% Ketogenic and low carb ice cream that is so incredibly delicious you don’t even realize how healthy it is. Kids want some ice cream for dessert? Keto Pint. Momma’s needs a sweet treat after the house is settled in for the night? Keto Pint. Family is over and some want ice cream and some want ice cream bars? Keto Pint. It is perfect for the whole family!

I love that we can eat healthier without having to sacrifice taste or texture of our favorite ice cream flavors. Keto Pint ice cream has decadent chunks, rich taste, and silky smooth texture making it a favorite for not just me, but my kids as well. Keto Pint has a wide variety of flavors as well as ice cream bars. My personal favorite is the Keto Peanut Butter Cup, but they also have Mint Chip, Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Black Cherry, Cake Batter, and more. All of their products are no sugar added, soy free, and gluten free. The ice cream bars are 2G net carbs per bar and the ice cream pints are 3G net carbs per serving. I can stick to my daily macro goal while still enjoying a sweet treat with my kids. They are available at over 3,000 stores nationwide or you can conveniently order online and get your favorite ice cream shipped right to your doorstep.

I love that Keto Pint partnered with one of the largest cocoa processors in the world to help support its sustainability efforts. They purchase chocolate products in partnership with Cocoa Horizons Foundation. This helps to fund farmer training in good agricultural practices, farmer support, innovative finance solutions, innovatives to protect children, women’s empowerment, and basic health services. Keto Pint is taking a huge step forward to help make sustainably sourced chocolate normal! They also have partnered with Prairie Farms, a farmer-owned dairy cooperative with more than 800 family farms. They support local farmers and give back to the local farmer community.

I love that Keto Pint is not only delicious and a better for you ice cream, but also for all their amazing efforts in the world. Keto Pint ice cream and ice cream bars are perfect for those living a Ketogenic lifestyle like myself, diabetics, parents, athletes, and truly just anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing your favorite foods like ice cream. With silky smooth swirls and rich, yummy chunks, it is my family’s go to ice cream!

Find Keto Pint on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Shop Keto Pint here.



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