Cleaning our hardwood floors with the Shark VACMOP- Vacuum and mop in one

Cleaning our hardwood floors just got a whole lot easier thanks to the new Shark VACMOP that does both vacuuming and mopping in one! Ever look down at your floors and dread cleaning them. Having to vacuum and then retrace my steps with the mop used to feel like a chore I dreaded. Don’t even get me started on having to get the bucket of water and cleaning solution ready to mop. Our floors seem to constantly get dirty especially with two toddlers and our Siberian husky. As a work from home mom, having to vacuum and mop really felt like the last thing I wanted to do. With the Shark VACMOP, I am able to cut my cleaning time in half and actually look forward to cleaning the floors now! When I heard it both vacuumed and mopped all at once, I was ecstatic.

When our package arrived, it took me no time to get our new VACMOP out. The Shark VACMOP came with a multi-surface cleaner and pads which made it quick to get into action. It was less than a minute to get it together. I easily filled the Shark VACMOP with multi-surface cleaner and grabbed the disposable pad that came with it. With one click, the pad was in place and got to cleaning.

I began with vacuuming as our floors typically have crumbs, dirt, and dog hair after a long day of play. The power truly surprised me as it picked up dirt and debris from the kids tracked in from outside. The Shark VACMOP uses powerful vacuum suction to pick up both small and big debris that goes into the disposable pad. Then when I am ready to mop, I simply pushed the spray button to dispense the cleaning solution. The pad embodies four absorbent layers to trap wet messes. This makes it the perfect solution no matter the type of mess. Once you have finished cleaning your hardwood floors, simply dispose of the pad with one click! One of my favorite features of the Shark VACMOP is that it is cordless. No more getting stuck or having to walk around the room scared to pull the cord. With a rechargeable lithium ion battery and the VACMOP weighing less than five pounds, the Shark VACMOP has changed how we do things in the Mulkey house.

It is as easy as Vac, Mop, Toss! I love that our everyday hard floor messes are easier. No matter if it is dirt from the kids, a cup of milk that fell, or our Siberian Husky walking around, with just a click of a pad, I can clean our floors and toss the pad. Click to toss the pad and never touch the mess!


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