Cleaning my bathroom is as easy as 1-2-3 with Naturally It’s Clean Products

This blog is sponsored by Naturally It’s Clean but all opinions are my own.

Spring and summer are the months that my kids are the messiest. We have a big backyard that my kids love running around, playing, and well, getting DIRTY! I’m talking dripping with mud kind of dirty. Even if I tried to stop them, they would still find a way to play in the mud. With them being home more now, I find myself cleaning more than usual as they love spending the majority of their days outside. I typically dread the clean up because it takes so long to clean up in the bathroom. Mud and dirt on the floors, counters, and of course, the bath tub. Thanks to Naturally It’s Clean natural cleaning products, I don’t dread the clean up any longer! I can get the bathroom clean in half the time with products that are safe for both children and pets so the kids can help me out.

After the kids get done playing outside, I directly bring them into the bathroom to get a bath and cleaned up. Afterwards they play while I clean up the bathroom. The joys of motherhood! I sometimes feel like I’m always cleaning up a mess but that is okay because I love cleaning with Naturally It’s Clean.

Most people, like myself, have a certain routine when cleaning the bathroom. First I spray the toilet with Naturally It’s Clean Toilet spray as well as the bathtub with Naturally It’s Clean Multi-Purpose Spray. Then I let it do it’s magic and move on to the rest of the bathroom cleaning the counters and sink.

Before spraying with Naturally It’s Clean Multi-Purpose Spray

After with a few sprays and quick towel wipe

Once I am done I wipe down the bathtub and quickly scrub the toilet. Naturally It’s Clean Toilet spray is by far the best spray I have used! It makes cleaning the toilet so effortless. Before, I was having to leave smelly vinegar for hours to get the toilet clean. Now I simply spray, scrub real fast, and the toilet gets sparkly white in seconds. Once I have finished, I spray the floors and wipe them down to complete this easy but effective bathroom cleaning!

Thanks to Naturally It’s Clean formulas that are powered by plant based enzymes, cleaning our bathroom is as easy as 1-2-3! I love that their products are made without Parabens, Artificial Dyes and Fragrances , Alcohol and Ammonia, Sulfates, and Bleaching Agents. It gives me peace of mind that these products are safe to be around my children and pets, but effective in getting our house clean! As a busy work from home mom, I love being able to avoid the stores. That is why I love that I can order Naturally It’s Clean on Amazon and have my favorite cleaning products shipped straight to my door. No matter if it’s cleaning the kitchen, our carpet rugs, bathrooms, or laundry, Naturally It’s Clean are my favorite household cleaning products. I won’t trust another brand in our house again!

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