I have an ache for travel

If I would’ve known that my trip to Kentucky and Indiana back in February would be my last trip for awhile, I would’ve soaked it all in just a bit more. I would’ve taken in the scenery just a little while longer and captured more photos. Little did I know, just a few weeks later, California would be put in a stay in place order that would last far longer than we originally expected.

I have always loved traveling. I am a traveler at heart. There is just something about getting out, exploring, and seeing new sights that warms my soul. Last year we traveled at least once a month and it was all a dream come true. I loved going to new and old favorite spots. Most of all, my favorite joy was being able to watch my children go places I had longed to be able to take them. We made so many new memories and it was definitely a year to remember. We had many travel plans already for this year but after the global pandemic hit, we had to make the hard decision to put all of them on hold. I am so thankful my family is safe but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss travailing. With us being home during all our spare time, we have been exploring new travel ideas. Even though we may not know when we will be able to travel again, I am sharing our top 3 locations that are on our travel list once it is safe to travel again.

Oregon and Washington

We actually have been looking at doing a trip up to Oregon and Washington for some time now. We originally planned on possibly doing it for our wedding anniversary this year but that is not possible at this time. We would love to check out Crater Lake and Bend in Oregon. Seattle is at the top of our visit list for Washington and I already have a list of spots we want to see once we are in Seattle.


We visited Disneyland last year which was so much fun. Since, we have been planning a trip to Disneyworld which our original plan was to take the kids for Christmas. We are keeping our fingers crossed life begins to go back to normal so we are able to cross this one off of our list.


Hawaii is a dream trip of ours and we have gone back and fourth on the idea of going. Typically it is very pricey but with the current events, we have been watching to see the prices drop. Although I don’t think Hawaii will be anytime soon for us, it is definitely on our top three list.

As I sit waiting for the day we are able to safely travel again, I will dream of all the places we will go.

Where is one place or location you want to travel to once it is safe again?



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