Our bedroom make-over

Since Matthew and I began dating back in 2015, we have never done much with our bedroom. It was always items we were given or found for cheap. When we moved into our house last summer, I told him I was determined to turn our bedroom from ugly to a dreamy oasis we could look forward to every night. I slowly began picking out items over the last few months and thankfully since we have had extra time at home, we finally accomplished my vision of a dreamy bedroom we actually look forward to each day. It brightens my mood every time I walk in!



We have the master bedroom but it isn’t necessarily the biggest. Past owners had done a bathroom addition to make the house a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom so one of the kids actually has the biggest room. In all honesty though, we love having our own bathroom so it’s okay! I knew when I began searching for bedroom furniture I wanted to go with a neutral but modern farmhouse vibe. First step was finding a bed frame that I loved. We decided on this beautiful black bed frame from DHP. We also got a brand new mattress from Lull Bed that is an absolute dream. If you are able to buy a mattress in a box, I highly recommend it! They are so much easier, sent straight to your door, quick to assemble, and a dream to sleep on every night.

Next we decided that we wanted to add a rug since our bedroom was the only room without one. I fell in love with this rug from Home Dynamix. It was quickly shipped and also very easy to roll out. It is so soft and one of my favorite new additions. The rug accents the entire room and brought everything truly together.One of my favorite online stores we found multiple items from was Mdesign. Mdsign specializes in helping you organize every aspect of your house no matter if it is your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or even garage. Both of our side tables came from Mdesign as well as various other items such as this adorable ladder in the corner that is perfect for hanging blankets, purses, etc. We also added organization baskets through out the room, a sturdy hamper, and much more. These items helped me declutter and get organized once and for all. We also decided to bring one of my favorite pieces from Article into our room, this grey ottoman. This ottoman is perfect for lounging, setting out tomorrow’s outfit, or even to use as a purse holder(my most common!).

We also just added a mini fridge/wine cooler as well which I will be sharing in the next few weeks. For now though, this is our bedroom make-over! I am so happy with how it turned out and feel like it really made our house more homey!


Christian Mulkey

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