Living room facelift

We have been doing so many projects around the house. We have been home for the last 6 weeks and it’s a great way to pass the time. We have painted our kitchen, entry hallway, and part of the dining room. We are almost finished with our bedroom make-over and last weekend woke up feeling like we wanted to change up the living room. I have been wanting to work on our living room for sometime. Last summer we finished half of our living room with a new couch and rug but I never ended up finishing our entertainment center wall. During our bedroom make-over(which I’m hoping to have finished and up on the blog ASAP), we decided we wanted to bring in our bookshelf to complete a corner of our bedroom. I decided to run to Walmart real fast to find an entertainment center. While I was there I found some other decor and a wall clock to complete the living room. Here is our living room facelift!


This was December during Christmas.

I took this as we were starting to moving furniture.


Living room is now complete!

I was able to score this black entertainment center at Walmart for only $70. We originally wanted to mount the TV but we weren’t able to with the mount we bought so we kept that for our bedroom. Some of these pieces we already had and then some pieces are new. All together, they brought the entire wall together. I couldn’t be more happy with the end result! I love all things farmhouse so we went for a modern farmhouse style that is perfect for our house.

These brown baskets came from Mdesign. They are perfect for storing the kids books, movies, and even blankets. They really brought the farmhouse look in a simple manor. The lantern and white candle I bought from Walmart for $9 total. It matches our blanket metal tin and went perfectly with the other decor. As I was walking down the candle aisle and someone had set this Chicken down. It was $15 and too cute to pass up.

This black corner shelf was a $15 clearance find at Walmart last summer. It originally was in our bathroom for extra storage at our old house but with the space and having two bathrooms with cabinets we didn’t need it for storage anymore. The sunflower fake floral arrangements are also clearance finds I scored at Walmart after Thanksgiving for 75% off! I always search after fall sales for decor. Typically the fall decor does wonderful year around if you have a farmhouse decor style in your home. The kids picture is actually stickable to the wall from Phototileapp that we have had for about two years. It is one of my favorite captures of the kids from when they were two under two.

For the wall decor, we added a few unique pieces and got two from Walmart. I love Walmart’s wall decor section. Honestly, they have some really some cute decor options for cheap. This wall clock was only $25 and farmhouse style. The clock is one of my favorite new additions. It makes it feel so much more relaxed and brought together the entire wall.

Overall, we spent just under $175 to give the living room a quick facelift. I am so happy with how it turned out. Now on to the next house project! Stay tuned for more to come.



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