Self care tips while at home

Many of us are at home currently due to Covid-19. While staying at home may be easy for some, it is harder for others. Some of us may be laid off where as some of us may be working from home. Kids are home, times are hard, and sometimes we put ourselves on the back burner. Today I am sharing some of my personal favorite self care tips that you can do while at home. Why self care? Self care is so important for a few different reasons. Self care is important in order to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. That helps boost your confidence and overall feeling and mood. Self care is known to help you stay motivated, sharp, and healthy! While we are all at home self quarantining in order to help flatten the curve, it is more important now than ever before to spend a little self care time. In studies, it has been shown that being at home for two weeks or more can lead to depression, anger, and elevated anxiety. Right now it is important to stay safe and stay home. But it is also important to still take time for yourself.

How do I practice self care while living through a pandemic or outbreak?

These are some stressful times filled with uncertainty and sadness. Even though you may be sitting at home doing your part to stop the spread, many times we find it hard to focus. Taking the time to step away and focusing on you will help ease those emotions and uneasy feelings.

Order new loungewear and activewear

At this point, my pants and nice clothes have been put in the back of my dresser. I am pretty sure I’m going to be living in loungewear and activewear for the rest of 2020! But seriously, walking around in cute, comfy loungewear and activewear like my favorite leggings from brightens my entire mood!

Rewind and relax

Make time to do what you love no matter if that is drawing, gardening, doing yoga, reading, writing, painting, or even baking. Whatever you enjoy, do it! Hands on activities are a great way to release stress.

Get out (or in) and exercise

Exercise of any kind not only boosts your immune system, but also boosts your endorphins which help boost your over all mood! There are lots of free work out videos or take a walk around your neighborhood. Maybe even have a dance party. Getting up and moving is a great way to take care of yourself and boost those quarantine blues!

Practice breathing exercises and meditation

Breathing exercises and meditation can help slow your heart rate down and clear your mind. Did you know that just five minutes of meditation each day can help reset your mind and your perspective. Think of an image (mountain, beach, etc) and breath in and out. Lay down in a dark room free of phones or noises. You can even take a bath and light some candles.

Take breaks from the news

I have struggled with constantly reading the news but over the weekend I didn’t read a single news article. It was refreshing and helped my overall mood. I’m not saying go all day but during your self care time put the news down and try to not focus on the negative.


We are all living history. Times like this, journalling is such a wonderful tool for working through your thoughts and emotions.

Freshen up your skin and beauty care

Our lives are normally filled with jam packed schedules. I tend to put my skincare and beauty care over all on the back burner. Now is the perfect time to freshen up your skincare and other beauty routines. Order a face mask, soak your feet in a detox bath, and have an at home beauty night.

Have a Netflix marathon

Sometimes self care means just relaxing and doing nothing. Cozy up on the couch and watch some Netflix. It is great to get your mind off of things and an even better way to pass the time.

Take up a new hobby

If there was ever a time, now is the perfect time to take up a new hobby, learn something new, or tackle some home projects. My husbands and I have already completed our bedroom make-over, painted, and given our living room a facelift. Ever wanted to learn a new language? Now is the time! Want to start sewing? Order some supplies and get to learning! We will never get this much time in our house back.

Remember, you are not alone

Many of you may be feeling alone. You may feel helpless or feel like the world is crashing down. Many of us need our community to feel happy. FaceTime your family and friends, write a letter and mail it off, or even call a friend and have a virtual movie night. And remember, this is temporary. Life and the world will get better, hang in there.



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