Two ingredient moon dough

Looking for an easy activity while at home? We made homemade moon dough today and the kids loved it! Typically I just buy some at the dollar store but I have found that it isn’t the best quality and can’t really be stored for too long. A huge bonus of making homemade moon dough is you know there are no added chemicals, you can make it gluten free, and it can easily be stored. My kids love sensory activities and we are always looking for fun ways to change it up. We have done homemade play dough, rice/bean/mud bins, and even slime. This was our first time making moon dough and it our new favorite for how easy it is!

What is moon sand?

Moon sand is a textured dough similar to sand but can hold its shape like play dough. It can be molded into shapes but crumbles like sand. It is perfect for endless ours of fun for not just toddlers but older kids.

Why make it at home?

Besides the fact it has less chemicals and can be made gluten free, it all is much cheaper in the long run. We made a full batch and have enough moon sand to last for awhile. Play with cars, kitchen utensils, molds, and anything else the kids want. Not only is it a perfect sensory activity, but also a great imagination opportunity! When your kids are done playing, put away in a air tight container and save for the next time.

How to make moon dough

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 5 minutes


•8 cups of flour

•1 cup of vegetable oil

Optional: kid safe food coloring, spices, essential oils, sparkles


1. Pour 8 cups of flour in a bowl or bin. If you are adding food coloring or essential oils, put a few drops in.

2. Pour 1 cup of oil in the bowl or bin. Mix and knead with hands until it is completely mixed. The flour should stick together when you grab it and squeeze. Add additional oil if needed to reach the right consistency.

3. Give the kids molds, kitchen utensils, and anything else. Enjoy! It can be fun for the whole family.

If your child has a gluten intolerance, use corn flour or other gluten free flour. It is so easy and great for both indoor and outdoor fun.


Christian Mulkey

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