Not just a doormat

I was running to Dollar General real fast the other night for a few things we needed when I came around an isle and saw this doormat. Now I have been trying not to spend unnecessary money because honestly, we have plenty of items at our house that are just collecting dust. This was different though… As weird as it sounded I needed this doormat. I needed it to remind me that even after all I have been through, I have a loving husband and kids in a house that I dreamt of. A house that I know my kids can run up and down the halls laughing. A house that I don’t have to worry we will have to move out of next month. A house to call our home…

See growing up, I moved a lot. I can remember at least 7 moves, but there were more. Some of which were different cities and even states. Sure, it wasn’t bad all the time. But I look back now and see every time I got really settled in and created friendships we would move again. I went to multiple schools and never got to grow up with the same people. Yes I met amazing people along the way, but this is not what I want for my children. I don’t want my children to constantly have to move out of towns, schools, or houses. When we moved back to California in 2016, our son was 6 weeks old. I remember looking at my now husband and telling him that this would be our last major move until our kids graduated. Sure we will more than likely upgrade our house in the next couple years to our forever home as I have my eyes set on exactly what I want. But it will be in the same same area. My kids will get what I didn’t get, a sense of true hometown life. To some that may sound crazy but I want my kids to have that sense of security. I want my kids to have that stability that I didn’t have growing up.

It may not seem that important to some, but this is not just a doormat. This is something far more to me. In a sense, it’s an accomplishment knowing I have come so far. If you are like me, it is the little things that hit close to home.

Today I urge you to celebrate your victories! Celebrate how far you have come and how many accomplishments you have made over the years. No victory is too small! Give yourself a pat on the back for making a change, doing better for yourself, and turning your dreams into a reality. It may not have been an easy path but you have done it despite the obstacles. And that, that is something to celebrate!



1 thought on “Not just a doormat

  1. Christian,
    This spoke to me. I too moved several times growing up. Thank you for Sharing .


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