It is okay to grieve

Lately I have felt so many mixed emotions, which I have been transparent with as I feel that is only right. This is such a odd time for all of us. The life we all knew has been flipped upside down and so many things feel uncertain at this time. People are out of jobs, families are under orders to not leave the house besides necessities, and hundreds upon hundreds are becoming ill with the Coronavirus. To begin with, I felt anger. Angry that a virus could destroy so many innocent lives and angry that it has flipped so many peoples lives upside down. Then I began to feel sad. I was scrolling through social media as I so often do and I saw a mother saddened by the fact her and her family couldn’t celebrate her sons 10th birthday. It didn’t take me long to find a comment below with another mom saying she should just be thankful that her family hasn’t been effected and that they are healthy. While I of course agree, I also believe we are allowed to grieve. Yes, there is no doubt that being healthy and safe is at the utmost importance right now. That is why thousands upon thousands of families have had school and work canceled. But we are are allowed to grieve.

We are allowed to grieve the plans we had. We are allowed to grieve the fact many of our children won’t be able to have a birthday party as they had been planning in their head for months. We are allowed to grieve the trips that have had to be canceled after months of hard work and planning. We are allowed to grieve no longer having a steady income and a job to go to. We are allowed to grieve not being able to see family members and friends for weeks on end. We are allowed to grieve for the baby showers, graduations, weddings, family get together’s, and other events that have had to of been canceled to ensure everyone’s safety. We are allowed to grieve that we are no longer able to go out without worry about ourselves or our families catching a deadly virus.


Times are hard. Many of us are trying to stay strong. I am beyond thankful that my entire family is home, safe, and healthy. But I am still allowed to feel emotions for all that is happening to the world we once knew. It is only normal to feel these emotions. So the next time you go to shut down someone grieving with “At least you are healthy” or “It could be worse”, think before you comment. Think about the memories and moments lost that that person will never get back. Think about how they are feeling and all they are going through. We are all adjusting to this new normal and it is far from easy.

If you are struggling or needing a shoulder to lean on, I am always here. My heart goes out to everyone who is struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically.



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