Healthy hot chocolate

I love hot chocolate no matter the time of the day or what season it is. As many of you know, we have been trying to make healthy choices as a family this year so I have been changing up a lot of my recipes in the kitchen. But kids are kids and they still love sweets! Recently Macyn was in the kitchen and we were trying to pick something to cook. Both Macyn and McKynleigh love to be in the kitchen helping and cooking. He really wanted cookies but we settled on making homemade hot chocolate. I said it before I really thought about it but then realized we really could make it fun! I switched out a few ingredients to make it more healthy and we ended up with some pretty tasty hot chocolate. Topped with whipped cream and some healthy marshmallows, we were set!

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Total time: 5 minutes

Servings: 1


• 1 cup of Almond milk

• 1 tablespoon of raw cocoa powder

• 1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup (you could also use honey or stevia)

• 1/4 teaspoon vanilla

• Small pinch of salt


1. Combine all ingredients into a non-stick sauce pan over medium heat. Stir until smooth and all clumps have broken apart. Once smooth and hot, poor into a mug.

2. Serve warm. Feel free to top with your favorite toppings such as healthier whip cream, chocolate shavings, or SMASHMALLOWS.

This recipe is simple and easy. You can substitute the milk for any that you prefer, we just happened to have almond milk. Switch out the maple syrup for stevia to make it sugar free and keto friendly. Really, the possibilities are endless!

Hope you enjoyed.



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