Meeting my Instagram bestie: Day 2

Day 2 started off early thanks to my internal alarm clock. As a mom who also works from home, I wake up at 4am every day no matter what. Vacation is no exception either! I have an internal alarm clock so Friday morning, day 2 of my trip, I woke up at 6am. With the time difference, that is 4am California time. I got myself a cup of coffee to start the day and enjoyed it before getting dressed. The hotel had a nice free breakfast but I only ate a little as I am used to not eating till lunch. With the previous day being full of travel both in the car and on the plane, I set out to grab get a energy drink before heading out to explore.

After I found my go to energy squeeze(perfect for traveling might I add) at Walmart, I set out to check out downtown Owensboro, Kentucky. The kids had been so excited the night before I didn’t want to wake them so while I waited, I took advantage of looking around. Owensboro, Kentucky sits on one side of the Ohio River about 100 miles from Louisville, Kentucky. Famously known for coal mining and distilleries, Owensboro also holds a lot of history. I started by walking along the riverfront. I always get in such an awe when I visit places I grew up learning about. It was so neat to see the Ohio River in person. I walked along the river then crossed over to walk along the city streets. There were so many unique buildings and I even stumbled upon a few museums. I loved getting greeted by locals and seeing a whole other world. It is one of my favorite things when traveling. After a 2 mile walk, I headed to Hanna’s. We decided to go to Target because what is better than Target with your best friend! After we had fun grabbing Starbucks and strolling through Target, we did a few more errands. Then we ended up back in downtown Owensboro for some pictures. With us both being content creators, it was fun getting to finally help another content created! It is a passion for me so having someone else understand that is special.

Once we finished up, we headed back over the bridge to Indiana and drove around a little before school pick. It was getting later in the afternoon so I decided to go check into my new hotel. The Comfort Inn was another nice hotel that sits across from the Ohio River. With clean rooms and sunrise views over the river, it is the ideal location when staying in Rockport. After I relaxed in my hotel room, I decided to go drive around a little before returning to Hanna’s. I drove along the river where I learned that Rockport played a huge role in President Lincoln’s life. There was also a lot of beautiful houses that dated back to the 1800’s nestled along and above the river. I even climbed the bluff a little to see the caves in which the towns founders lived in before building houses on top of the bluff. For someone who loves history, it was a blast!

Later I stopped at the store and grabbed snacks to take back to Hanna’s. Originally we planned on watching a movie but we got caught up in talking. Since becoming a mom and not having a ton of local mom friends, it was the best feeling being able to just sit and talk. I got back to the hotel just before 12am and called it a night.

Stay tuned for day 3 where we eat some tasty food and I check out the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial and cabin site!



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