Meeting my Instagram bestie: Day 1

For my birthday, my husband gave me one of the biggest surprises ever. He fully planned a trip to meet/visit one of my closest friends whom I met on Instagram over 5 years ago. I left early Thursday morning, just after 2am. Since we live in the mountains, it takes about 2 hours to get to the airport on a good day. Luckily I hit no traffic and it was a breeze. I arrived to drop my car off at my prepaid parking, which is way cheaper, and shuttled over to the airport. Normally security is busy but it was also fairly quiet and I was back to my gate by 4:30am. Since my plane didn’t leave till 6:30am, I grabbed some breakfast and coffee. I love being early just because it is so much less stress when getting ready to board. After killing some time, it was finally time to board. I’ll be honest, this is when it really hit me! I couldn’t believe I was really going on a solo trip to meet my best friend!

The first flight went fairly fast. We even landed 25 minutes early in Dallas Love Field which gave me plenty of time to walk around and get some energy out before my next flight. Next we boarded and headed to Louisville, Kentucky. I had a rental car reserved at Dollar Car Rental which was easy to find and they even gave me a free upgrade for the weekend. Once I got my car, I made another hour and half drive to Owensboro where my hotel was for the night. Owensboro happens to be the bigger town that is closer to the town Hanna lives in. I had reserved a king room at the Sleep Inn and it was a great price. Even came with a free breakfast that was an actual breakfast! Once I checked in, I put my bags in the room and went to grab some dinner. So far Kentucky reminded me a lot of Texas, but more of a Kentucky accent. There was various fast foods and restaurants around my hotel, but we opted for Wendy’s since it was close to Hanna. Once I grabbed food, I drove to her house and we officially met! It may sound crazy but after talking pretty much everyday, all day, it was already like we knew each other. I also got to meet her four little ones which I have seen grow up on social media which was so crazy. They are adorable and my newest little friends. We ate and talked for awhile until it began getting late. Then I drove back to Owensboro to get some shut eye since I had been up for about 21 hours.

Stay tuned for day two blog coming soon…



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