I am meeting my Instagram bestie!

Tomorrow I am stepping on a plane and going on my first ever solo trip since getting pregnant and having my son. I am flying across the country to meet and visit my best friend who I met on Instagram years ago. Hanna, @armyofmuggles, is someone who has truly impacted my life and become one of the closest friends I’ve ever had. We have talked pretty much daily for years now and she is a huge reason I am as far as I am as content creator and blogger. Years ago when I became pregnant with my son I stepped into the mom community on social media. I began following other moms, Hanna being one of them. Through the years I have met so many amazing women who come from all different places and backgrounds. I have grown close to a few and now consider some of these moms I have met thanks to Instagram my closest friends. As weird as it sounds, we may not have met before but they are like a second family.

For months I have wanted to fly out and meet Hanna. We looked at flights over the last year and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on all four of us to go out because it is not cheap since I am flying from California. My husband, who always goes above and beyond for me, came home about a month and a half ago with the best early birthday gift I could’ve asked for. He surprised me with a trip to officially meet my best friend who I had been longing to go out and see. Ironically the one day I don’t check our bank account, he sneakily buys a round trip plane ride and hotel so I had no idea about the trip until he came home. Talk about surprised!

I definitely have felt a bit of mom and wife guilt. Not only will this be the longest I will have ever been away from the kids, but it is also the longest I’ve been away from my husband since we were dating 5 years ago. He has constantly reminded me that I deserve this and that he has everything under control. I am beyond thankful he is such an amazing dad. He has been excited for me to go for weeks and counting down the days getting me pumped up. So even though I will miss them like crazy and just a little nervous, I know Matthew has this. Thank you babe!

Tomorrow I will wake up at 1:30am and have a long day of traveling. I have one lay over in Dallas and then will continue on to Kentucky. After I land, I will grab my rental car and make a quick stop at my hotel to check in. Then I will head to Hanna’s and get the weekend started! I can’t even explain how excited I am guys.

Make sure to follow along the whole trip on my Instagram here. I can’t wait to share everything with you all! Now I am off to pack and get some rest before busy day of traveling.

Have you ever met a friend from the internet?


Christian Mulkey

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