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I began my Keto journey over two years ago and since doing so, I have been able to find a good alternative for nearly all my favorite not so healthy foods. One I struggled with the most was chocolate. Most chocolates are packed with added sugar and just so unhealthy. Far from being Keto friendly. When I found The Chocolate Trader Keto Chocolate, I knew I had to give it a try. Having a piece of chocolate as an afternoon pick me up or after a family dinner is one of my favorites. Now thanks to The Chocolate Trader, I am able to enjoy betterforyou chocolate that has no added sugar and is Keto friendly!

I will be honest, I’m “that” person when I shop. Over the last two years, I have become very picky when it comes to what is in my food, the nutritional value of my food, and if it is keto friendly. Keto has been life changing for me so it is important to me that the food I eat is healthy and Keto friendly. I love that The Chocolate Trader has created a better choice product line that has given me a “decadent snack” all while being healthy. Made in Wisconsin, all of their ingredients have been carefully researched and tested by their very own food scientists. Their food scientists not only work hard to ensure quality taste and aroma but also to help provide healthybenefits in every product. Imagine eating delicious chocolate that with every yummy bite there is also gut, brain, and circulatory health benefits? The Chocolate Trader has done just that. The Chocolate Trader products are made with 80% cocoa made from the finest Ivory (Africa) beans, which happen to be the richest cocoa flavor and aroma. Their chocolate is with made plant-based monk fruit and no artificial sweeteners. Unlike other sugar free products made with sugar alcohols, monk fruit is a all-natural, low calorie sugar replacement with no carbs and probiotic qualities. They also use solvable Pea Fiber unlike other competitors that use Corn Fiber. Pea Fiber is commonly known for supporting gut health, helping you feel fuller during weight management, and may even lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Their almonds are even American grown!

With three different products to choose from including Milk Chocolate Almond Bark, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, and Dusted Dark Chocolate Almonds, I find myself having to hide them for myself since our whole family has grown to love them all! No matter if it is for a guilt-free dessert, on the go energy boost, afternoon pick-me-up, or a family treat during the weekend, The Chocolate Trader Keto Chocolate have become my favorite betterforyou chocolate that our entire family can enjoy. As a mom who lives the Keto lifestyle, they make it easier to make healthier choices while still satisfying my sweet tooth. Plus they are even available on Amazon now! With a few simple clicks, they arrive at your doorstep without the hassle of shopping in store. So no matter if you are a Keto Dieter, diabetic, have kids, or even just looking to make healthier snacking choices, The Chocolate Trader Keto Chocolate is perfect!

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