This is 23!

Wow, so weird to think I am twenty-three already. I swear time flies by before you can even blink an eye. If I could give twenty-two a word it would be growth. Growth in all things; life, finances, relationships, motherhood, self love, and so much more. It was the best year yet and hard work finally began to pay off. I went fulltime with my dream job and am loving every second of it all. Many things I dreamt of for years became a reality this past year. I am beyond thankful for all the growth that came during my twenty-second year of life. With that being said, I am ready to tackle twenty-three! I have some big goals and I am more determined than ever to reach them. I am ready to continue to work hard in all aspects of life and make my twenty-third year the best one yet!

This year I am determined to pay of debt, reach my fitness/weightloss goals, step out of my comfort zone, and really further my self love journey. I am so thankful to have my husband every step of the way and so thankful for my amazing kids who push me to keep bettering myself. So today I am going to celebrate turning twenty-three with my family and be thankful for another year. Thank you all for the birthday wishes across all of social media, you guys are my second family!

Happy Birthday to me!


Christian Mulkey

3 thoughts on “This is 23!

  1. Happy Birthday Christian!!


      1. happy birthday christian my big sister sorry about your kids calling me papa


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