5 years of loving you

If someone would have told me the man that slid into my Instagram DM’s would end up being the love of my life, I would have told you that you are crazy. Over 5 years ago a man who knew mutual people that I knew, slid into my Instagram DM’s and began sparking a conversation. I blew him off several times. After he was consistently messaging on both Instagram and Facebook, I finally began replying. Shortly after talking for a few weeks, we met on Valentine’s Day 2015. Since Valentine’s Day is also my birthday, Matthew came to my 18th birthday party with a buddy at the time who also knew a friend of mine. We both were into each other but were a little shy. We talked but not a whole ton. When he left my house, I honestly thought he wasn’t even going to text me again. But he did. Then next day he asked me to officially be his and the rest is history.

I never thought I would fall in love with the tall, bearded man with tattoos who walked into my life at one of the craziest times of my life, but I did. Matthew came into my life when everything was falling apart. He gave me the support I needed to do things in life I didn’t think I was capable. He helped me get out of a toxic situation and free myself. In all actuality, he saved me. I know for a fact I would not be where I am if it wasn’t for his undying love, support, and courage to stand by my side through all we have in the past five years. Sure we haven’t always been perfect or had the “perfect” relationship. When we first began dating we were young, dumb, and stupid. He made mistakes and I made mistakes. But we fought for each other and didn’t walk away even when that would have been easier. We grew into mature adults with each other and we began new chapters of life together. We started a family and got married. We became a power couple and began building up our life with hard work and dedication. We also fell more and more in love with each other every step of the way.

These past 5 years has been a wild ride. We have had our ups and downs, our good days and bad days, and our “wow what are we even doing” days. But we made it. When everyone else said we wouldn’t last or that we should go our separate paths, we didn’t. I can’t imagine doing life with anyone else. I truly am thankful to have a man that builds me up and helps me be the best me I can me. A man who supports me in every aspect of life and never forgets to still do the little things like buy my favorite chocolate on his way home from work or make me dinner after a stressful day of work. A man who I know would do anything for the kids and me. A man who puts his whole heart into work and comes home putting his whole heart into our family. A man who more often thinks of others than himself. A man who still makes me get butterflies even after 5 years.

To me, this is perfect.



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