Valentine’s gift guide for him

Holidays can be tough and finding the perfect gift can be even harder. I feel like my husband is one of the hardest people to shop for the past couple holidays because his interest are about the same and he has all he needs for the most part. It also doesn’t help that Matthew and I’s dating anniversary is the 15th. Yes, we still celebrate our dating anniversary! This year I have really put a lot of thought into gift ideas as I wanted it to be extra special and thought I’d share them with you all!

Personalized wallet from Swanky Badger.

Not only can you personalize a wallet with whatever name and message you have in mind onto a beautiful wallet of choice, they also do phone cases, watches, whiskey decanters, and more. A touching gift for your man in mind.

Check out Swanky Badger here.

New gaming system.

My husband already has his Xbox, ps4, and Nintendo switch so he is set but this is a great time to check off a gaming system that your man has been wanting.

Gift cards.

They may not be anything special but men love being able to go to their favorite store and pick out something on their want list. If you want to make it extra special, make a unique card holder or frame a picture of you two with the card attached.

Tattoo gift certificate.

If your husband is like mine, he loves his tattoos. Head on over to the local tattoo shop and spoil him with a gift certificate.

Craft beer subscription.

With Craft Beer Club, you can get your man the gift of craft beer. Choose from monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. If he love to hang with his buddies in the man cave, choose the 24-beer option.

Shop here.

Jerky bouquet.

Carnivore club has a small(but very unique) bouquet of 20 long stick of buffalo, elf, and venison jerky. Perfect for any man in mind.

Shop here.

Beard grooming kit.

My husband takes his beard extra serious which is why getting a beard grooming kit is perfect. This Art Of Shaving comes with beard wash, conditioner, and oil.

Shop here.

Star Wars Darth Vader toaster.

Perfect for the Star Wars lover in your life, this fun toast not only looks cool but also stamps Star Wars on your toast.

Shop here.

BBQ tool set.

If your boyfriend or husband loves to barbecue, this is the set for them! This 36 piece barbecue tool set is perfect for those fun summer cook outs.

Shop here.

I hope that these Valentine’s Day ideas helped out a bit! I am a huge advocate for going out of your way to show someone that you love them. Even if you cannot afford to buy a gift or am on strict budget, write a card or cook them dinner. Anything is special when it comes from the heart, don’t forget that!


Christian Mulkey

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  1. I love this gift guide, thank!


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