Easy Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Sweet Biscuits

Every holiday brings new fun ideas in the kitchen and the other day it was just Macyn and I home so we decided to bake a fun Valentine’s Day treat! We looked around in the kitchen and even though he wanted to make cookies, we decided to bake sweet chocolate chip biscuits. To make them more Valentine’s Day like, we cut them into hearts and added some red, pink, and white Valentine’s Day candies. Although you can easily make these homemade as it is just a sweet biscuit, I happened to have some of the Pillsburry Sweet Biscuit tubes in the fridge so we used those. This is a super easy yet fun activity with kids this Valentines. Plus they turned out delicious!

We began with two tubes of Pillsbury Sweet Biscuits and rolled two biscuits each into balls. Then we grabbed the rolling pin and rolled them out. When I cook or bake with the kids, they love helping out. I normally set some of whatever we are making to the side which is theirs to “cook” and play with. I gave Macyn two biscuits at his table to roll himself and have fun with. This makes this a great activity for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cooking skills, and just overall fun.

Next we cut them into hearts which we did with a pizza cutter because I didn’t know where our heart cookie cutter was. I am the worst at loosing things in the kitchen! We preheated the oven per what the the biscuit can said and laid the biscuits on a pan sheet. Make sure to spray with a non-stick spray unless you cooking pan is non-stick. We put them in the oven and cooked until golden brown which was about 10 minutes. Macyn decided we should top them with some icing and finish off with some valentines candies. They turned out perfect and it was such a fun activity to do with Macyn.

These would make for the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast or even galentines brunch! You can even add some red or pink dye to the icing to make them more festive. They were soft, sweet, but not over powering which I love. We plan on making them again this weekend when everyone is home because they are so easy!

Stay tuned next week for another Valentine’s Day treat that is also heart shaped in honor of Cupid coming the 14th!



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