Destiny and soulmates

When I was 15, I used to think soulmates were just a twitter pated love saying that didn’t actually exist. Sure I thought I was “in love” after being in a longer than a month relationship in high school. But I never thought people could really be soulmates. Heck, I didn’t really even think about it again until a year after my husband and I were married. See, soulmates are two people that have an immediate connection from the very moment they meet. They are someone who you will feel a strong, deep connection with within the mind, body, and soul. They are someone you can be your complete self with and someone to whom you share unconditional love and undying trust. Now they do not have to be someone that you are intimate with but it is most often the case. A soulmate is someone that is not only mirrors the parts of you that you have been holding in, but someone who encourages you to be you. Destiny is what is meant to be, it is fated to happen.

Now, let’s get back to where I was going with this. Just before my 18th birthday, this man walked into my life unexpectedly. He was a couple years older and we came from completely different lives. Completely different paths to be exact. He found me through a mutual friend on Instagram and I blew him off because I honestly thought he wanted what all the 20 year old guys on Instagram wanted. But he was persistent. He didn’t give up and we finally met in person on my 18th birthday. When we met, we had a connection like I had never had before. We started dating the next day and our relationship went fast. So fast that within three months we were living together and pregnant. Things were hard though. We went through a lot and actually broke up. No one thought we would last and here we were, apart at last.

But see here is why I believe in destiny and soulmates. Even after everything we went through between being pregnant, moving in, being young and stupid, family drama, money problems, and just over all stress, we found our way back to each other. We fought for each other and fought for our love. No we didn’t literally fight but I mean we gave it our all even when it would’ve been easier to walk our separate ways. When we got back together it wasn’t easy. If anything almost harder, but in new ways. A year later we moved half way across the country to my home state of California. There were many times where we could’ve given up and called it quits but we didn’t. Instead it made us stronger. It made our connection deeper. It made us, us. About a year after marriage, I was laying in bed happy as can be. I looked back on what all we had been through and two words popped into my head.

Destiny and soulmates.

Destiny brought two soulmates together. Two people from two different states, two very different paths in life were now intertwined forever. Now as we approach our 5 year date anniversary and 4 year wedding anniversary, I look back and realize that we are in fact soulmates that were destined to find each other. There may have been some detours along the way and there may have been people who tried to come in between us, but destiny is destiny. Soulmates are soulmates. And I am so thankful that destiny led me to my soulmate.

Do you believe in destiny and soulmates?



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