Two year Keto anniversary

Two years ago I woke up and decided I was tired of being overweight, sick, and out of shape. I didn’t start on the first day of the year, I started December 29th 2017 because I knew if I waited, I would never start. The first month was a huge adjustment but then it slowly got easier. And easier and easier. I began to loose weight, feel better, and I was no longer be miserable in clothes. I had energy and will power. I ended up loosing 100 pounds in 10 months solely from working hard and putting in the dedication. I had a whole new mindset and I was on cloud nine. I won’t sugar coat it, I have fallen off a few times. I’m definitely not exactly where I want to be right now either but I will be. I will get there and that is all that matters.

In December 2017, I was 2 months post partum after having my second c-section and was my heaviest at 276. In October 2018, I hit my goal of 176 and was ecstatic I had actually done it. In 2019, I maintained my weight then went through a busy few months and fell off of eating healthy and working out. I gained 20 pounds because I am just that girl who gains easy. Always have and always will. In November 2019, I once again got back from a trip and decided enough was enough. My jeans were starting to get tight and I needed to put in more effort. I buckled down and got strict with Keto and doing my morning workouts. Waking up at 4am to work then workout isn’t easy but it pays off! By Christmas I was back in the 170’s and now I am once again celebrating my two year “ketoversary” as I call it. I have new goals this year and I am ready to reach them! Keto has been such a huge blessing to me and is so much more than just a “fad diet”. It helped me be me again. It helped me get off all my lupus medications and feel alive! It helped me run with my kids at the park and not feel like I was gasping for air.

I laugh when people call me crazy because I hype up Keto so much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not for everyone. But many also don’t understand Keto or how to do it properly. It’s not all “let’s eat bacon and fat and more fat”. It’s finding balance and learning that your body doesn’t need bad carbs. Your body can 100% function and thrive off of healthy fats, moderate protein, and small portions of healthy carbs such as green vegetables. It took me a few months to master Keto and no, I don’t always do strict Keto. It truly isn’t as hard as it looks though, I promise! I average the following stats below.

80-100 grams of healthy fat a day

35-50 grams of protein a day

5-10 net carbs a day

These stats I have perfected for my own body and know exactly how much and how little it needs in order to stay in a state of Ketosis. Each person is different though, I recommend doing research before starting. I researched months before and learned so much. This year I have decided to do a few things different and am hoping to reach my end goal. I am thankful for how far I have come since I originally started but also want to get to an end point where I can maintain steadily.

Reach 150-155 lbs.

Originally I thought I’d hit 175 lbs and be done. But honestly, I feel as though I’m just not there yet. I am healthier, yes. I am still not completely in a “healthy” weight though. I stand at 5 foot 6 and after speaking with my dr, I feel as though 150-155 is reasonable. I may change my mind over the course of 2020 but for now this is my new official end goal.

One cheat day a week.

I have toyed with cheat days in the past and some can go without cheat days period. Kudos to them! I on the other hand, cannot and will not. Why? People, I have to still live. I have to be able to go on dates with my husband and bake treats with my kids. I am allowing myself one day a week this year and hoping I can stick to that.

Minimum of 2-3 miles “extra” a day.

This year I want to do 2-3 extra miles a day on top of my usual activities and workouts. I find walking/running/hiking helps me so much not just physically but mentally as well.

Work on toning up.

This year I would love to tone my body more. My arms, legs, and stomach in particular. My 2 c-sections left me with a nasty c-section shelf that I would eventually down the road, after I have lost all the weight, like to fix. Way down the road though so for now I will work on toning.

Worry less about a number and more on my body’s over all health.

This year instead of constantly worrying about what size I am or how much I weigh, I will focus more on how I feel and look. Of course I still have a weight goal but I plan on taking it gradual and not obsessively watching the number which I have in the past.

It is crazy it has already been 2 years since I began living the Keto Lifestyle. I am so thankful I took that leap that morning and didn’t say “just one more day”. If you are thinking of starting Keto, I can not recommend it enough! It has changed my life in so many ways and I am so thankful. I may still have a ways to go but I am not the same girl I once was and am so proud of not just where I have ended up body wise, but how much healthier I am!



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  1. You look beautiful love


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