Journey from black to blonde

Life is too short to have boring hair.

I am a natural blonde and up until I was 19, I had never dyed my hair. But I needed change and had the (crazy) decision to go dark red! Worst mistake ever, it will never happen again trust me. I kept my red up until a month before we were supposed to have our second c-section. I decided to try to go Black since I knew I wouldn’t be able to strip my hair fast and I was black for nearly 2 years. I used box dye and kept it up every 6-8 week, but with natural blonde hair my roots showed way to fast. I had been bugging my husband that I wanted to go back to blonde for awhile but I was so scared to. I knew I definitely didn’t want to do it myself, I am no beauty guru by any means. My husbands coworker suggest a stylist in town and I set up an appointment. We began the journey in September 2019 and now are almost completely finished with the transformation!

Now before anyone asks, no it didn’t magically happen over night. I knew it wouldn’t nor did I want to because I love my hair and did not want to fry it off! My amazing Stylist, Kayla, has worked super hard to get me to the blonde I am now. I am so happy with it! We went from black to copper to light brown to golden brown to a butter cream blonde. A toning appointment in between, and walla!


This was my hair before we began our first session. I had been using cheap black dye.

After our first session

Our first session Kayla got me to a copper. I actually really loved this color but knew deep down I wanted to be blonde.

After our second session

Taking our time but getting there!

The far right was after session three.

We began adding a few weeks in between appointments to insure my hair didn’t get tired and stayed healthy.

After session number four.

Awe, back to the blonde side!

After session number five.

Surprisingly enough my hair feels healthier than it has in forever and I have even had regrowth in areas I had been struggling with. As you all know with my Lupus, I loose a lot of hair from time to time. I have also learned a lot through the whole process so I thought I would share some of the answers to the questions I received via my Insta stories.

How many sessions has it taken you?

So we began in September and besides the first month, we have done a session every 4-5 weeks. We took it slow so that way my hair didn’t get damaged.

Was it expensive?

In short, yes. Worth it? Also, yes. I knew going in I would get what I paid for with it being an actual stylist and I have. Kayla has done such an amazing job and it’s worth every penny.

What’s up keep like?

I use purple shampoo and just got new oil yesterday. Over all, I just spend a little more for better products which I’m fine with. We are close to being all the way done and at that point I’ll just do color touch ups.

Did you hair fall out at all?

This was asked a lot and the answer is not at all! I have actually seen growth in my hair and it feels a lot strong than when we first began. I do also take collagen and prenatal vitamins to help. Check out my blog post on how I keep my hair healthy and growing here.

How long did it take?

We began in September and we are just approaching the end result. Most days our appointments would start at 9am and end at 12-1pm but she has also done deep conditioning treatments which leave my hair soooo soft.

I am so excited and in love with my hair for the first time in awhile. It has been a bit of journey and some hours, but I feel so much more “ME” when I’m blonde. I have confidence and truly feel beautiful. Some of you messaged me saying you were thinking of doing a drastic change such as black to blonde or blonde to black. I say do whatever your heart desires! You only live once. But I do highly suggest seeing a professional. Kayla has gone above and beyond to ensure my hair has been taken care of through out the whole process. If you are not local, I suggest calling around, looking through reviews, and setting up a consultation.

Which color do you prefer? Red… black… blonde?

If you are location, I recommend Kayla Woods at La Ti Da Salon in downtown Sonora. You can contact her on her business page here.



2 thoughts on “Journey from black to blonde

  1. From beautiful to even more beautiful, but in the end its still the perfect woman i married 4 years ago and the person I’ve shared the sun with for the past 5 years. Don’t ever change anything about the way you’re or the way you act, always be you and no matter what ill be right by you till the sun burns out….


    Your wierd husband


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