Covers Apple Ranch

Growing up in Tuolumne County, Covers Apple Ranch was one of my favorite spots to go. Fun farm animals, train rides, the most delicious fresh baked good, and seasonal fun like the pumpkin patch and corn maze. I have been taking the kids since Macyn had just learned how to walk and now that they are getting older, it is now one of their favorites too!

A few weeks back I decided to take the kids since I knew they had their adorable little pumpkin patch and corn maze along with some fall seasonal goodies! When we arrived, we of course had to start with a treat. From fresh Mile High Apple Pies, scrumptious cookies, and even apple cider made right at the ranch, the possibilities are endless. The kiddos each picked a lemon cookie and a fun jack-o-latern Apple cider. Afterwards, we went out to see the animals and feed them some food. You can buy the animals food right there for .25 a handful which has been the same price since I was a kid. We fed pigs, cows, goats, and chickens. The kids each had their favorite animals and loved seeing a sweet little bunny. When we finished there we went and bought train tickets. Kids two and under are free which I love. We picked our seats and off we went! The train makes a fun loop around the ranch where you see old barns, the Apple orchard, a pond with geese, and even two fun tunnels. Macyn absolutely loved it and has been begging to go back again. When we got off, we went to look at pumpkins and go through the maze. We finished off our fun adventure with the kids playing at the little playground. It was a perfect little adventure and the kids had a blast.

Not only does Covers have a ton of outdoor activities, but also is a full service bakery, restaurant, and you can buy your favorite items to take home with you. Don’t want to get out or have the kids with you? They even have a drive thru! Next time you are in the area, make sure to check them out.


Christian Mulkey

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