Life update

I feel like it has been such a long time since I’ve given an update on all the things going on in our life. So much has changed over the last few months and we have some exciting things happening. I feel as though this year we have grown so much in life and honestly, it’s been such a golden year. Matthew and I have both worked hard to get to where we are and I’m soaking it all in. A year ago we were dreaming of things we have now and it feels good to finally be at a great place financially as well as in a new town and neighborhood. With only a little over two months left in 2019, I am beginning to get so excited about what’s to come next year!

We bought a third vehicle.

So, we really needed a second family car and we struggled with school, work, and all our different times with one family car. So we bought a Chevy Malibu(which I am loving) so I am able to drop off/pick up the kids easier. We do still have our truck which is great for when we need it but California gas prices are a bit high and we got a really good deal on our new car.

McKynleigh is starting preschool.

McKynleigh is starting preschool next week and it is very bittersweet. She has been on the waiting list since June and they finally had a opening for her age. I am nervous with her being a little younger than Macyn when he started but she is super smart and constantly wanting a new learning challenge so I think it will be great for her. Also will make me getting work done a bit easier!

McKynleigh also fully potty trained!

Honestly, she has been asking before she turned two but I was nervous to fully dive in. Then one Sunday she asked to go on the potty and hasn’t worn a diaper since. We donated the remaining diapers we had and our baby is a big girl now! So glad to close that chapter of parenthood FOREVER.

We are going to be starting some home projects.

Life has been so busy I haven’t been able to start any home projects. First thing we will be doing in painting! We plan on repainting our kitchen, dining room, and living room as well as our brick fireplace around our wood stove. After that, I am hoping to do a few projects in our backyard as the people who had it before us didn’t take great care. I also would love to add some new pieces of furniture and work on building our farmhouse collection.

Matthew is switching to days soon.

Fingers crossed, I don’t want to jinx it! Matthew has worked so hard and is hopefully switching to days with weekends off in the next few weeks. Pretty much since we have lived back in California he has worked nights so this is going to be a crazy adjustment for him but I am excited.

I will continue working fulltime from home.

So I know a few of you asked me about what I was going to do when McKynleigh started preschool and here is the answer. The same thing. I became a fulltime blogger and content creator back in the spring. I love my job and have done so well with it there is honestly no reason for me to go get a job out of the house. I love being able to be flexible with my days and still active with the kids.

Macyn is excelling in school.

Macyn has done so great in school and I have grown to truly love his teachers. He has met so many friends and since having his procedure for his lip/tongue tie reversion, he has been talking a ton more! He scored amazing on his level tests and although we will not be letting him start kindergarten early, his teacher said with his scores he very well could start this coming year. But momma is holding out one more year since I’m not ready to say I have a kindergartner!

Those are all our major changes or exciting things we have going on along with good health and lots of happiness. I do want to plan a few trips but it is hard with school and Matthews work so maybe sometime during Thanksgiving or Christmas break. So many have asked for more travel content and I promise I am trying. Thanks for following a long with our family’s journey, we love you guys!



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