Halloween Safety

Halloween is such a fun holiday for all ages, but especially kids. People dress up, kids get ready to go from door to door for candy, and it is over all a fun spooktakular(see where I went with that!) time. But there are also some safety risks and it’s important to plan ahead. With our kids being so small, we of course go everywhere with them. For those that have older kids, many go on their own or with friends. Before all the fun starts, it’s so important to set some ground rules. Did you know that kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween night? There are also high risks with burns, cuts, and problems with candy. As a parent, it is our job to not only make sure our kids have fun but are also safe.

Plan costumes accordingly.

When planning costumes, try to find bright colored costumes as well as flame retardant material. If you or your children plan on trick or treating at night, throw on a reflective tape or get glow sticks to ensure cars can visibly see you. If it is cold in your area, wearing a long sleeve underneath is a great idea to beat the weather but still dress up.

Trick or treating tips.

If your child is under 12, try to go trick or treating with them. Pin their name as well as your number somewhere on their clothing in case you get separated among the crowd. If your child is planning on going without you, set ground rules. Go over a route plan ahead of time and make sure to set check in times as well as a curfew. Giving your child a cellphone is a great way to keep up to date on their location.

Inspect candy/goodies beforehand.

Although it may be a pain, look through your child’s trick or treat bags beforehand. If you have small children, remove anything that could possibly be a choking hazard, gum, or hard candy. Inspect all their treats to ensure they are closed and have not been tampered with. Don’t forget to sneak a few of your favorite chocolates for after bedtime, you deserve it!

Remove any possible hazards if you plan on handing out candy.

For those who plan on staying home and handing out candy, make sure to put away lawn hoses and have a clear walk way. Instead of handing out sweets, try stickers, chalk, fun pencils, or even small play toys. Sweets are great but it is good to have an alternative.

Most of all, have fun! I also recommend checking around to see if there are any fun local events going on. Many community centers and church’s have trunk or treats or fall carnivals going on as an alternative to trick or treating. This year my kids understand a little more than they have in the past and they are so excited to go. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe!


Christian Mulkey

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