Update on Macyn’s lip and tongue tie reversion

Many have asked, so I thought I would give an update 2 months post-op. If you haven’t read my first blog on why we choose to go ahead with the procedure on our 3 year old, then go ahead and go read here.

Macyn had his lip and tongue tie reversion done a week before he started preschool. Even with having to be put to sleep and ending up with stitches, he did amazing! The doctor warned us that with swelling it may be awhile till we saw improvement but we knew in the end it would be worth it. The past month we have seen an enormous improvement, sometimes leaving me speechless. Macyn always scored perfect for his receptive language but behind in his expressive. In reality, his lip and tongue ties were restricting his mouth tremendously. Macyn’s vocabulary is growing tremendously and he is learning that he is able to fully move his mouth where as before it was tight and restricted. When he smiles now, we are able to see his full smile which is adorable and he has grown to love sticking his tongue out all the way! All things he wasn’t able to fully do before the procedure. His gag reflux has gotten better with running and other activities as well, but still not all the way corrected which I also have so I believe it’s there to stay. His teachers are even seeing an improvement now that his mouth has healed. It has still only been two months which means he still has a bit to catch up with but so far I am so pleased with the end result and so proud of our little man.

Like I said previously if you believe your baby or child has a lip or tongue tie, I highly recommend seeking advice from a specialist. Our ENT specialized in lip/tongue revisions and after taking a look at Macyn, immediately found both. We were told for 3 years Macyn didn’t have one so although frustrating, I’m glad we got it fixed. Better late than never!



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