5 world destinations that are on our travel bucket list

It is no secret that our family loves traveling! We have been so lucky to visit many beautiful locations and have a few upcoming trips before the end of the year. One thing we haven’t done yet is travel abroad. It has been on our bucket list for awhile but we have just not had the chance. From mountains to cities to beaches, we have seen so many beautiful locations in California. We have also seen some other unique locations through out the USA, but we can’t help but wonder what other adventures await for us out of the country! I have always wanted to travel out of the country and experience other countries and cities. Matthew and I began talking about different locations we would love to see when we began dating but it has grown over time with our love for traveling. Some may ask, why haven’t you? Well a lot of it has to do with having two young kids and how much it costs to travel out of country. Some of our bucket list is more an older, adult location that isn’t kid friendly. Some are extremely expensive(a.k.a number 1) and will take some years of saving so we are truly able to experience all we want to experience. It may take a few years for us to reach some of these destinations but I am determined for us to see more of the world! Here are our top 5 world travel destinations and why..

1. Australia

Matthew and I have been talking about Australia since we began dating and watching world travel shows. We would love to experience the one of a kind beaches and beautiful cities. Not to mention the unique culture and wildlife. As expected Australia is one of the most expensive destinations in our list which is why it definitely won’t be in our future till much later.

2. Bora Bora

Like so many others, Bora Bora is definitely on our travel bucket list. My dream is to one day stay in an over water bungalow. How cool would it be to wake up and step out of your room to the view of bright blue waters and gorgeous green mountains? Bora Bora is like no other spot on earth and also holds such a rich sense of peace. I would love to take the kids once they are older and be able to go snorkeling and see a whole other world that lies there.

3. Scotland/Ireland

Matthew has always wanted to visit Ireland and I have always wanted to visit Scotland and Ireland. My great, great grandfather is from a small Irish village and I think it would be so extraordinary to visit it. I would also love to visit the Scottish highlands and all the rich history that lies there. I am a huge history fan of the couture and become quite obsessed over the past year!

4. Iceland

Ever dream of seeing the Northern Lights? Us too. Someday we would love to visit Iceland, especially South Iceland, and see the Northern Lights. Along with the Northern Lights, we would love to be able to experience the Midnight Sun which is present in the months of Mid May through Late July as well the Icelandic Glaciers.

5. London

I am a huge history person and of course would love to visit all the world famous spots in London. Along with all the historical sightings, I find the culture and food so sophisticated and unique. This is one I would love to someday be able to take the kids along with to experience all the memorable spots.

Although these are our top 5, we also would love to visit other locations around the world. Traveling opens up so many doors and shows you different ways of life all around the world. Some of these locations are expensive and hard to fit into life but I am hoping down the road we are able to check them all off of our list. Stay tuned for our next travel adventure!

Where is one world destination you have always wanted to visit?


Christian Mulkey

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