Our journey with tongue and lip tie reversal in toddlerhood: Part 2

If you have read part 1, you know that after 3 years of fighting to get Macyn’s lip and tongue reversal we finally found an amazing doctor who took the time to care and confirm it was needed. We have been in the process of getting Macyn this procedure for the last 9 or so months, and it finally came. Honestly, the past week I have been a mess and began second thinking it all. I’ve done so much research, talked to therapists, and even ENT’s, but still felt so terrible. I should have known our little boy was brave as can be and did absolutely amazing! He blew both Matthew and I along with the nurses and doctors on how well he did.

We arrived at the hospital about 6:30am and they began preparing him for the surgery. Due to his age and the type of procedure they did, they felt it was best to use local anesthesia. That scared us but we agreed and I’m glad we did. Macyn did so good through getting ready and I was allowed to suit up to go back with him while he was put to sleep. When we got back to the operating room, they transferred him over to the operating table and he listened so good while holding my hand and his favorite hot wheel in the other. Talk about brave! As they began to begin the anesthesia, I held him until he was asleep. As hard as this was, I’m thankful I was able to be right by his side so he was not scared. The surgery team and doctor were absolutely amazing and understanding. I walked out shortly after he was asleep and went to the waiting room where Matthew was waiting. We were able to watch his progress on the tv screen and about 30 minutes later the doctor came out to confirm all went good. Macyn’s lip tie was much worse than he had realized (Macyn would never fully open his mouth in the doctors office) and he ended up with stitches on both his lip and tongue. His doctor confirmed that his mouth was restricted and he was unable to move the way he should’ve which confirmed a lot of our concerns and reasoning behind pushing this procedure. What a complete relief after years of wondering! We walked pack to the pediatric recovery and Macyn was already beginning to wake up. The first thing he asked was to leave, of course. Macyn has been numbed and given some Tylenol but did tell us it hurt a little. We weren’t in recovery long as Macyn was doing amazing. He was not grumpy but most kids do experience grumpiness from the medication. He of course wanted to go get a new car toy as promised for being good and then we headed home.

When we began this whole process, we expected him to be down for a couple days. The first few hours after being home Macyn laid around and drank a tiny bit of liquids. In all honesty he didn’t even act like he had just had a procedure! By naptime he was ready to snooze and laid down like normal. He laid on the couch and just relaxed the rest of the day. At bedtime we did our first set of stretches which hurt a little but he still did so good. I was very hesitant even though my gut told me to push. I am so glad we did push! This is just the beginning and it will take a little time to truly see all the benefits but it the start of an easier time for him! To actually be able to move his mouth freely and not be restricted. Time will only tell but so far I am so glad we decided to peruse a lip and tongue tie reversal.

Originally I was only going to do a 2 part blog but many have now asked for an after blog. So as time goes on and he begins to heal I will be coming back and sharing a 3rd blog on our over all thoughts and changes we have seen since the procedure. Stay tuned!

Check out part 1 here.


Christian Mulkey

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