7 days of Keto lunches and snacks on a budget

I’ve been on and off Keto for over a year loosing over 100 pounds. I’ve learned a lot and become healthier than ever before. A lot of people are unsure of Keto or how to do it properly. There are many misconceptions of the Keto Diet and it is often overlooked as an unhealthy quick fix diet. I have adapted to the way my body does best but over all, the Keto diet is a high healthy fat, moderate protein, and low carb eating lifestyle. I have found that the best way for my body to loose weight and stay healthy is to eat primarily meat, low carb/low sugar veggies/fruits, cheeses, nuts, and other low carb foods. I have adapted nearly all of my favorite recipes to Keto, even pizza! While meal prepping this week for lunches I decided to put together what I eat for lunches and snacks while doing Keto. This week was pretty basic and all fairly on a budget. When I meal prep ahead of time I tend to stay within my macros much easier than being tempted or in a hurry.

This week I made 7 basic Keto friendly meals with nuts, string cheese, protein bars, and my Keto drink. When I heat up the meals, I will throw some olive oil or butter along with a low carb sauce. This helps boost fat intake when needed. This week I used 1 pound of ground meat and 1 pound of Italian sausage. All together, my meat cost $9 for the entire week.

For my sides, I used 1 16oz bag of frozen cut up broccoli($1), 1 frozen bag of cauliflower rice($3), half of a zucchini($1), and 1 bag of zero pasta(.99 on sale). I added some spices on top as well. My favorites are garlic powder and Italian spices.

Along with each of my meals, I normally add a protein bar to give me a little sweet treat afterwards. One of my favorite low carb protein bars are Built Bars. I have been drinking one Keto Amino drink a day for an extra boost and energy. I found this one for $20 at Walmart. It’s not necessarily a must have but I prefer it.

Although this week was pretty basic, they are some of my favorites especially for staying at a low cost. All together, each lunch is under $3 and tasty! I am trying to get down to my end goal which is why I am trying to use more basic meal plans. I try my hardest to get the majority of my carbs from veggies and the majority of my fats from healthy oils and nuts along with meats.

What’s your go to Keto meal?


Christian Mulkey

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