Who are the Mulkey’s

Some of you may have been following our journey from the very start and some may have recently discovered my Instagram or blog. We have had a long, crazy journey to get to where we are today. I wouldn’t take back a single thing!

When I was 17 a guy slid into my Instagram messages. Some of you may have read the full story on my other blog but if not check it out here. On my 18th birthday I officially met Matthew in person. Shortly after we began dating and two weeks shy of our one year anniversary, our son was born. That day was the day our family officially began! Fast forward 3 years down the road, here we are! We are married, with our son and added a little girl to complete our family. We also moved back to my home state of California. We have worked so hard to get where we are and honestly I am so thankful to have been able to share our journey with so many people. This year has been our most successful year with getting a new car, a new house, and working hard to pay off debt and live life. Is it always perfect? No definitely not. I can remember a time when Matthew and I literally bought our groceries by earning points on an app called Shopkick. All of the hard days were worth it though.

For fun, I decided to share a few fun facts about our family!

Fact 1:

Each of the kids share a birthday month with each of us and our birthdays are all 8 months apart except the kids by one day. Matthew was born October 14th and McKynleigh was born October 2nd. I was born February 14th and Macyn was born February 3rd.

Fact 2:

Although I hate to admit it, Matthew is the more responsible parent. He is strict but not to strict. He knows exactly how to calm the kids down during tantrums and they listen to him way better than me! I tend to give them their way(bad habit) and he tends to stick his ground which then in turn the kids listen better. Oh well! Haha

Fact 3:

I was a teen mom and Matthew was 21. Even with being young parents, we have always put our kids first and always will. So many people have judged us yet compared to older parents I’ve seen, we are doing a pretty good job.

Fact 4:

Macyn looks a bit more like me and my dad where as McKynleigh is Matthews twin. She did get my sassy attitude though!

Fact 5:

We make sure that at least once a week we spend the whole day as a family. Thursday’s happen to be that day due to how our work schedules are. We love to travel and do things but nothing beats staying at home relaxing with the kids.

Fact 5:

We both have very strong parenting opinions but thankful all are the same beliefs. When we met, we came from very different backgrounds yet somehow almost always agree on things when it comes to parenting.

Fact 6:

We married young but have no regrets. If there was one thing I wanted to give our children, it was a family. Coming from a divorced family, I don’t ever want my children to feel like they ever have to choose.

Fact 7:

Matthew is the better cook and when we have family days or breakfast after he gets home from work, he is usually the one in the kitchen.

Fact 9:

Macyn is a daddy’s boy and McKynleigh is normally a mommy’s girl. Although lately, McKynleigh has only wanted daddy when he is off.

Fact 10:

We set goals and constantly talk about them. This helps us tremendously as a family! We also normally go over our monthly bills once a month to make sure everything is handled. This is a great way to keep track of money and build a savings. As a family who has previous debt, it’s helped us start to pay off some!

Fact 11:

Matthew and I have a crazy story, especially the start of our relationship. Break ups, cheating, family drama, etc. When our kids are old enough, I 100% plan on telling them our real story. I believe that even though we are far from perfect, we put our all into our life together. Love isn’t perfect but it’s worth it.

Fact 12:

Matthew and Macyn were both born in Texas. McKynleigh and I were both born in California. We moved back to California when Macyn was 6 weeks old and it was the best decision we ever made for our family!

This is us. I love my family and love our story, although just beginning.

How long have you followed our families journey?


Christian Mulkey

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