How to get the best hotel deal

We have had our fair share of hotel experiences and I love getting a good bargain! I have been able to land 4 star hotel rooms for under a hundred dollars which is a huge win in my book. I have worked with some amazing hotels and resorts but sometimes I like to take a break from working and just relax a little. When I do that, I begin my bargain hotel shopping!

First, I find the exact dates and location we want. This helps me when finding the best prices and comparing the hotels. Once we have our dates and location set, I begin looking at bargain sites. My favorites are and Priceline. Next I search my email for any discount codes and look on google. A lot of times will send discount codes for being signed up with their rewards program so make sure you sign up, it’s easy! I then go through whatever app has the best percentage off/cash back. Most of the time iBotta or Ebates has at least 4% off either or Groupon, sometimes even Priceline! I book through using whatever app I choose on top of applying any discount codes I found. For example I just booked our San Diego trip through ibotta where I got 4% cash back on top of 10% off from a coupon code I found. Yes you really can do that! It’s a fast, easy way to land a cheap hotel room. For our upcoming trip, I was able to get a balcony king room with view of the San Diego bay for $250 for the whole weekend. A steal compared to some prices I’ve seen! Groupon is also good for booking, but they don’t always have the location I need.

In the end, make sure to check your sites and apps. You can stack coupon codes and it gives you the most bang for your buck!

Download iBotta here.

Download Ebates here.



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