Why we planned our kids close in age

As I walk through the store, a lady turns and says “Wow you have your hands full with two toddlers”. Truth is, I do at times. But I also have lots of love and can’t imagine my kids being any closer. When we had our first born, we both knew we wanted our kids close in age. I grew up with siblings but there was a huge age gap and it was a different type of relationship. For our kids, I want them to have that true sibling bond. I want them to be able to confide in each other. I want them to be able to always have each other even on the bad days. I want them to be able to grow up as best friends. And that’s exactly what they are doing! After our son was born we got married a few months after and moved into our own place after months of searching. I knew we wanted him to have a little brother or sister so we began trying. On his first birthday we got our positive and 9 months later, our little girl was born. They were close from the start and even though they have their moments, they are inseparable.

Now it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Having them close is age has been hard at times but also easy. Tantrums and learning to have two littles who need me has been a challenge at times. Not to mention, also expensive! With them being 19 months apart, we were able to save some baby items but with McKynleigh being a girl she of course needed more girly things. There have been times in the grocery store when one starts a tantrum the other does and it becomes a domino effect. You know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Both the kids have always been on the same sleep schedule but it has also been hard with transitions. Next month Macyn starts preschool and I’m not sure how McKynleigh is going to take it because her brother is her best friend. People ask if I would do it different and my answer is no. They have a unique bond far more strong then I ever dreamt of. Macyn always looks after his sissy and McKynleigh loves her bubba. Some days make be challenging with toddlers 19 months apart but I love it and love having them close in age.

1 thought on “Why we planned our kids close in age

  1. My kids are 20 months apart. It’s hard at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. They are best friend, worst enemies, but their love for each other is like no other.


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