Farmhouse dining room on a budget

This past month I set out to make our dining room beautiful all while staying on a strict budget. After living in a small apartment and never having an actual dining room, I wanted this to be a spot the whole family could come to share their days and create unique memories. We already had a table that is dear to my heart but besides that started from scratch!

We knew we wanted to go with a farmhouse vibe. The first add we made was the two farmhouse style pictures my husband came across at Walmart. Each were on sale for $10 each which was a steal! A tip for Walmart art decor is to shop in store and not online! Most of the time in my experience, they mark their art decor down in stores. We also added some fake flowers I found on the clearance isle for .50 cents.

The next thing I bought was this tablecloth from Dollar General. I grabbed it for only $3 and it is cute, soft, and super durable. I love Dollar General for fun house items because most are good quality but stay on a budget. I wash it almost daily since our kids are master mess makers and it holds up great in the washer.

Our next buy was our first ever plate set and a few fun extras like the adorable milk jug with chalk writing. We scored our plate set, extra additions, and silverware for under $50 at Walmart due to some good sales going on. We loved the sleek design on the plates and stuck with our farmhouse theme while picking out the butter dishes, milk jug, and serving platters.

Lastly, we added this beautiful rug from Rugs USA. We have hardwood floors everywhere in the house except the bedrooms so I had been on a hunt to add something in the dining room that was the perfect fit. This rug is beautiful and surpassed my expectations with its quality and price.

I am so excited for more morning breakfasts around the table and fun dinners after a long day. When we moved into our house, I was so excited to decorate but also stay on a tight budget. Our new farmhouse dining room all together was under $175 and looks beautiful!

Find rug here.

Find plates here.

Find table cloth here.

Find farmhouse art decor here.


Christian Mulkey

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