The new Lion King

My husband and I are both 90’s babies. We grew up watching the Lion King and I can even remember having the 90’s style blankets and toys. When they announced the remake of Lion King, I knew it was going to be a must watch.

Directed by Jon Favreau and starring some of my favorites Beyoncé, James Jones, and even Seth Rogen, the new Lion King was fast to impress me. A classic story of a complicated background between brothers and a dear love between father and son. When Mufasa is killed, Simba is left to feel at blame. Running away, Scar takes over the pride lands until Simba returns to help return the lands as they once were. It’s a dear story of love, friendship, and hope. With beautiful graphics and music, it is a perfect remake of the 1994 original. We loved the realistic view of one of our favorite Disney movies and loved how much it brought us back to our childhood. Personally, I loved the hyenas in the new film as they were much more funny and earned a new special spot. The ending stayed along with the same time line and now has me hoping they will make a remake of Lion King 2!

We choose to go to Angels 6 theater in Angels Camp, Ca. It opened in the 1920’s and was reopened in 1999. The owner was there and made it for a special experience! It’s a cute theater, with clean rooms, and a fun atmosphere. We definitely will be making this our new go to. Overall, it was a wonderful movie and experience. Make sure to head to your local theater and check out the new Lion King.

What is your favorite character from Lion Ling?

Get tickets here.


Christian Mulky

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